8 Digital & Programmatic Events in Q3 2017 That’ll Win Over Your Heart

Q3 2017 Programmatic & digital events

Summer is in full season.

If you were thinking about going to some summits rather than on holidays, this Q3 2017 conference list will win over your heart. Do you already know which events you want to participate in this quarter? If not, we’ve compiled together all the events that just can’t afford to miss!


OPSx by AdMonsters

July 12, 2017, Denver, US


ABOUT: The OPSx is a series of events taking place this year in Denver, NYC, Seattle, D.C., Chicago and LA. OPSx gathers digital revenue strategists to summarize essentials and 1st tier know-how on opposing ad tech topics. Get prepared for insightful case studies that tackle the big issues for increased profitability, along with networking with other attendees familiar with the day-to-day digital advertising challenges. And that includes all possible angles: the publisher, agencies, advertisers, online ad networks and ad ops perspectives.

Tap into tech-oriented topics on:

  • Applying data for campaign optimization
  • The persistence of programmatic
  • The intersection of digital media and local marketing tech
  • Where can ops take your career

SNIPPET: “Learn how companies like yours are navigating the ever-growing obstacles of the digital advertising space, while also connecting with industry folks you already know or are just meeting.”

WHO ATTENDS OPSxSenior Director of Sales, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Product Officer, VP of Ad Operations, VP Global Strategy, Chief Technology Officer, VP of Digital Ad Solutions, You.

PRICING: This evening event is absolutely free to attend but seats are limited.



Digital Summit Portland

Jul. 12-13, 2017, Portland, US


ABOUT: Digital Summit is the birthplace of ideas and inspirations crafted by thousands of professionals working inside the industry and for leading brands. It puts a focus on entertaining and engaging educational speakers from top-end brands like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, and Pinterest. All the attendants can engage in 40+ sessions & workshops that tap into the latest digital trends and best practices, useful tips, & takeaways. The summit is a worldwide networking ecosystem connecting new business prospects for anyone looking to optimize their digital strategies, level up their marketing-all-in-one knowledge, or exceeding the boundaries of content, analytics, and mobile. Tap into the digi-topics on:

  • B2c, b2b, and marketing in an era of information overload
  • Content marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing
  • Seo & search to refresh your own innovation strategy
  • UX & design and lead-generation

SNIPPET: “Thousands of professions work directly with industry leading brands learning practical, actionable solutions they can immediately apply back at the office.”

WHO ATTENDS Digital Summit Portland: Marketing and content leaders from companies of all sizes, CMOs and CEOs, UX and designers, technology evangelists and entrepreneurs, mobile companies and professionals, practitioners of SEO, Social, and Brand Storytelling,

PRICING: $345 – $995

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Digital Publishing Innovation Summit #DigiPub

Jul. 17–18, 2017, New York, US


ABOUT: The Digital Publishing Innovation Summit is a real treat for all-size publishers and content marketers. This is the place to improve your digital publishing efforts with panelists that include The Economist, BBC Worldwide, iHeart Media, The Washington Post. The summit mainly concentrates on covering politics for the digital generation, profitability in the Snapchat World, user-friendly revenue models, or innovations in paywall strategy & digital video content strategy for increased profitability and engagement. All of this will take place during interactive panels with 30+ in-depth case studies and 20h of networking from 40+ industry leading speakers for 250+ like-minded senior-level attendees. Get covered on the biggest aspects within digital publishing:

  • Utilizing third party publishing channels for data that better engages your audience
  • Design-led content creation and the impact of new technology
  • Content integrity in the era of ‘fake news’
  • Monetization, ad blockers, & the future of your revenue

SNIPPET: “Join our world-leading speakers and better understand how to utilize new thought-provoking strategies whilst discovering new disciplines to help drive new revenue models, social reach and superior content.”

WHO ATTENDS Digital Publishing Innovation Summit: Publishers,  industry leading specialists, senior-level experts across the marketing, publishing and digital industry.

PRICING: $600 – $2,295 (now available a $250 last-minute discount)

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8 digital programmatic events in 2017


Digiday Brand Leaders

Aug. 3-4, Fukuoka, Japan


ABOUT: How do you communicate a company’s story beyond just branding? At the Digiday Brand Leaders Summit Japan, marketing and media leaders will meet  to tackle international marketing challenges. Top media and brand executives will speak about their exclusive insights into the industry in intimate working sessions about the ins and outs of bringing content in-house and finding the resources to make it work efficiently. Tap into the insights of the industry with Nestle, SHISEIDO, IBM, and better your grip on:

  • Media making brands and how marketing is powered by content
  • Brands as publishers – building an in-house content studio
  • Financial return on investments in social media
  • Social media, direct marketing, and customer conversation as a storytelling tool

SNIPPET: “Marketing and publishing executives will meet to discuss the biggest challenges their organizations are facing, and work together to come up with potential solutions.”

WHO ATTENDS Digiday Brand Leaders: Publishers, marketers, marketing and retail executives, tech providers, and brand leaders

PRICING: $2,000 – $4,495

MORE ABOUT  Digiday Brand Leaders


AdMonsters Publisher Forum

Aug. 13-16, 2017, Montreal, CA


ABOUT: AdMonsters Publisher Forum is an all-in-one digi & publishing experience hand-crafted to meet the industry’s expectations during over 3.5 days of lasting discussion. The APF gathers keynote addresses from industry visionaries, attendee-led sessions, and workshops, but also small group breakouts covering a wide variety of the latest ad ops topics. The summit attendees will dive into these topics, focusing on maximizing revenue and learning about new solutions and contributing to the digi community.

The summit covers topics across:

  • Header Wrappers – a rapid proliferation of header bidding that sparked a need to adopt new technology
  • Programmatic video
  • The latest and greatest techniques in ads and site optimization to enhance ad load speed, user experience, and viewability
  • Trends in video advertising and the future of mobile video

SNIPPET: “No other conference comes close to offering the community, exchange of ideas and learning opportunities across publishing, tech and digital ecosystems

WHO ATTENDS AdMonsters Publisher Forum: Publishers, advertisers, agencies, ad ops specialists and enthusiasts, directors of sales, ad operations and digital ad solutions.

PRICING: $1,395

MORE ABOUT  AdMonsters Publisher Forum


Social Media Week #SMWLDN

Sep 11-15, 2017, London, UK


ABOUT: The global themes are “Language and the Machine” and algorithms that can shape human language communication. At SMW London, up to 1.5k registered attendees will explore all the top-end concepts and know-how with more than 50 sessions lasting 5 days. This includes: mainstage talks, interviews, panel sessions, and workshops. The summit covers all the superior areas of the current social media ecosystem with big players like Google, National Geographic, Contently, and Pinterest. From how to increase engagement via storytelling techniques and video tricks, to hacks that power the human connection, #SMWLDN covers a full bundle of topics:

  • Data & analytics
  • Paid media and mobile messaging  
  • Future of video and visual storytelling
  • Influencer marketing
  • AI & chatbots and virtual reality

SNIPPET: “The SMW audience is made up professionals at the intersection of media, marketing, entertainment and technology.”

WHO ATTENDS Social Media Week: Influencers, social media and content specialists, new tech enthusiasts, marketing strategists.

PRICING: £599 – £2099

MORE ABOUT Social Media Week


Digiday Publishing Summit

Sept. 25 – 27, 2017, Key Biscayne, Florida, US


ABOUT: The Digiday Publishing Summit opens its attendees up to an opportunity to learn and discuss the current complex digital ecosystem with publishers and partners. The summit offers the right amount of sponsorship vs. editorial. This publisher-oriented event is a must for keeping your knowledge up to date with innovations, opportunities, and expectations in the industry, as well as fast-moving ad tech advances. Feel free to mingle with the top players on the market, like Buzz Feed, Conde Nast, AccuWeather, CBC, Forbes.

  • Establishing trust and credibility among readers
  • Fake news epidemic growing exponentially
  • Fighting back against the duopoly
  • Investing in multiple revenue streams and adapting to new technologies

SNIPPET: “The Digiday Publishing Summit brings the best-in-class publishers and ad technology vendors under one roof – to learn, share experiences and explore new opportunities in a pulsating setting.”

WHO ATTENDS Digiday Publishing Summit: Publishers, advertisers and at tech professionals and enthusiasts.

PRICING: $2,895 – $4,795

MORE ABOUT  Digiday Publishing Summit


Niche Digital Summit

Sept. 25-27, 2017, Chicago, US


ABOUT: The 3-day Niche Digital Summit is comprised of two major panel sessions:

> B2B or B2C Digital Revenue Workshops + NicheTek Tools & Technologies, and

> Niche Digital Summit for your Digital Revenue A-team  

It’s packed with tactics and insights to maximize online revenue and generate hands-on strategy. The attendees will immerse themselves in ideas shared among industry leaders, refine their digital strategy, and supercharge their online yield plans. Digital experts will get engaged in hyper-targeted workshops crafted for more than 150 niche publishers that touch upon:

  • Integrated Digital Sales and revenue-centric websites
  • Social media marketing, video revenues, and revenue from data
  • Native advertising
  • SEO and online content strategy

SNIPPET: “From tactical steps to monetize social media and content, sell native advertising, & drive audience traffic to deep dives into the critical strategic questions facing digital media publishers today.”

WHO ATTENDS Niche Digital Summit: Professionals and enthusiasts of digital strategy, website traffic & conversion, social media monetization, driving digital ad sales, and SEO.

PRICING: $497 – $1,294

MORE ABOUT  Niche Digital Summit

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