About us

Yieldbird is a global company specializing in ad management and ad-inventory optimization. We help publishers via advanced programmatic strategies and technologies, and provide dedicated solutions for supporting direct sales teams with consulting, reporting, and best practices. Our software engineers create custom IT solutions for media and advertising companies.


Yieldbird is a team of programmatic optimizers and ad managers. With a strong background as a publisher, Yieldbird truly understands the role of a digital advertising in today’s online business. We provide our services in more than 30 countries across Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The number of advertisers we collaborate with is steadily rising, and nearly 95% of publishers stay with us after a 30­-day trial. We believe this is the best proof of our effectiveness in bringing real profit to publishers in programmatic and reaching the right audience for ad-inventory buyers. Our main owner is Agora, one of the largest and most renowned media companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Agora has been listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1999 with stable revenue of approximately €250M annually and 3,000 employees. Yieldbird is the only company from Central and Eastern Europe that’s a Google Certified Publishing Partner. At Yieldbird, we operate with our own software studio and in-house digital-solution lab, which stands behind our highly advanced big-data analytics methods and self-learning algorithms that we use for programmatic ad optimization and management. We deploy new solutions smoothly and steadily—day by day we test new technologies and ensure they will move our publishers a few steps forward.

A digital-solution lab is a place where we carefully check, verify, and test both our solutions for publishers as well as the technologies supplied by external companies.