The Entire Digital Inventory In One Place

Yieldbird cooperates closely with publishers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Therefore, we provide precise targeting and as a result reach the audience advertisers need. Thanks to the relationships we have built we can offer you:

  • Innovative products, i.e. programmatic premium, programmatic buying, native ads and programmatic video
  • Direct campaigns optimization
  • Various pricing models
  • Diversified ad products
  • 100% brand security in every single campaign

Programmatic Direct campaigns

Programmatic Buying is a fast and automated way of buying ad inventory. It also gives you a free hand to build your own media-mix according to your real needs. In programmatic buying you have a full control of your campaigns 24/7.

Fast and convenient way to kick-off your generic campaigns. Higher priority for your ads than in regular Open Market.

• Transparent (visible URL)

• DMP DataOcean Audience

• Standard priority of delivery

• Standard packages

• Standard IAB formats

Programmatic Premium allows you to tailor the campaign parameters to your needs. The highest priority for your ads.

• Transparent (visible URL)

• DMP DataOcean Audience

• Highest priority of delivery (programmatic)

• Individual selection of placements: entire inventory (incl. Home Pages) + websites

• Beyond standard IAB formats: Rich Media, Native, Large formats / Interstitial

• High visibility

• Programmatic Guaranteed

• First-Look


Display: Desktop & Mobile

Display is the most popular form in digital advertising. It allows brands to reach a wide audience and enables precise targeting through context targeting, user interests, demographics, geolocations etc, in order to get the message to the right target group. Compared to other forms of digital advertising, display is cost effective and efficient. Various formats can be used to attract users’ attention and give advertisers the freedom to build emotional communication.Yieldbird provides a selection of premium websites. We cooperate with hundreds of publishers across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Numerous brands and media agencies working with us appreciate our one-stop-shop advantages: time saving, professional reporting and the possibility of reaching a large number of profiled users.


Native ads: Desktop & Mobile

Native ads match the content and relate directly to the subject of a website, which is why they don’t irritate users and are an answer to the issue of banner blindness. It has been proven that native ads attract twice as much attention as regular web advertisements and are therefore significantly more efficient.Yieldbird only needs a couple of minutes to come up with native ad designs for you – just send us your regular marketing materials and a short copy and we will take the time to make it fitting for each website, just as it should be.


  • The widest range of possibilities to use native ads
  • Ads with content perfectly fitting to a website
  • Our graphic studio prepares a design for you within couple of minutes

Video campaigns

Yieldbird provides full service video advertising: from delivering a single commercial spot up to running a comprehensive wide-reach branding campaign. There are CPM and CPV payment models available.

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