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Yieldbird is kicking off its expert blog. We are sharing with you our thoughts and observations about programmatic, advertising and online publishing. Why our perspective may be important for you? We are professionals in monetizitaion of websites and working out higher yield through programmatic tools. We collaborate with number of publishers around the world and we have seen a lot. Why not to share some best practices? After all, sharing is caring, isn’t it?

“The school is coming” – probably Ned Stark, one of the main characters of “Game of Thrones” series, would say if he were a digital publisher. The end of August it’s not time to think about winter yet, but to be ready for a new “back to business” season. We thought the same. And because last months were extremely interesting at Yieldbird, we have thought not only us can turn to a good account lessons we took during last hot months.

2 reasons for programmatic and publisher-centric blog

Two major things made us to think so and decide to run a blog.

First, that during last months we have been heavily scaling up cooperation with medium-sized and large publishers worldwide. In that time our Publisher Managers, dedicated to various websites, have made numerous observations about differences and similarities among them: their approach to business, the value of programmatic in their earnings structure and the daily problems they have to cope with (e.g. in Latin America Rubicon Project is a unbeaten leader as automated advertising platform and exclusive agreements is something common; on the other hand in most of Europe, mainly Western and Northern, the most popular among publishers is DoubleClick AdExchange by Google; exclusive agreements with one adtech technology provider is something rare, however, we know European countries, where it is not so unique).

We know publishers inside out, because we talk to them on daily basis. Even our Yieldbird office is located in a publisher’s one. We are part of AGORA SA – one of the biggest media groups in Central and Eastern Europe with a wide title portfolio.

Second, because the summer 2016 was very interesting for online publishers, thus – for Yieldbird. Two major sport events, the UEFA Euro championship in France and the Olympic Games in Brazil, smoothed the usual summer low season in digital advertising. After all the UEFA championship is not any longer a regional sport summit only, but something followed by millions of non-Europeans (btw. check some facts & figures about digital advertising regarding to UEFA Euro in India and Olympic Games in US). At Yieldbird we could observe some sport and/or news publishers statistics skyrocketing. And so did their revenue – that’s something normal, the more ad impressions, the higher profit. But for us, as an yield optimizer, that was a perfect chance to uplift revenue of some publishers much more – even 300% more from each single bid.

ad imps. - publisher - programmatic

Ad imps. in summer months by one of publishers Yieldbird works for. Multiply it with higher price of each advertisers’ bid to imagine the revenue for the publisher.

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How will you benefit?

Why not to turn it to a good account?  Especially, new sport events are coming. The Champions League has just began and the Paraolympic Games start at Sept. 7th

Of course, a publisher cannot live by sport alone. We are going to talk about chances, risks, tips for getting higher revenue and everything that may help you to run a successful website. Listening about the best practices in online publishing industry have not harmed anyone but have helped many.

So were you interested in widening your programmatic horizons or you just want to get higher yield as a publisher, stay tuned!

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