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Edpiresse Group operates since 1907 continuously. Since then it has launched 24 titles (i.e. Viva), their tablet issues and 10 websites.

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Edpiresse Group has been operating since 1907. It started with 2 daily newspapers in Lausanne, Switzerland, and right now the company employs over 2800 employees in 12 countries and territories in Europe and Asia. In Ukraine, the branch of Edipresse (Edipresse Media Ukraine) was registered in 2000. Since then, it has launched 24 titles (i.e. Viva), their issue for tablets, and 10 websites.



  • Over 100% increase in long-term eCPM, compared to the period before optimization.
  • 100% rise in ad revenue.





In May 2015, Yieldbird was tested while optimizing the website 4mama.com.ua. After a month, our cooperation was scaled up to the ad management of tvoymalysh.com.ua as well. Three months later, the average number of total ad impressions on the websites being monetized  in programmatic model by Yieldbird amounted to 6M+ monthly.






We are so pleased Yieldbird helped us to tune programmatic ad management on all of our websites. Thanks to their help, we doubled our income from these sources and Yieldbird showed us new heights we had yet to reach. Recommendations regarding ad sizes and formats turned out to be very helpful. But the results after these changes was only the beginning. We were also delighted with the approach Yieldbird presented: both professional and friendly at the same time. Yieldbird is a business partner that will positively influence your financial results.

Karina Butenko, Head of Digital Sales House Edipresse Media Ukraine



  • Recommendation of new inventory (ad sizes and formats).
  • Instant help with any issues.
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