Gumtree was founded in the year 2000 in the UK, and today is the number one classifieds site in the country.

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Gumtree was founded in the year 2000 in the UK, and today is the number one classifieds site in the country, with nearly a million new ads on the site each week and 8 million visitors every month. It now operates globally, covering countries including Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, and others. In 2004, Gumtree launched operations in Poland.


Yieldbird optimization saw Gumtree enjoy circa 75% higher ad revenue and a 75% rise in long-term eCPM.




Yieldbird has supported in programmatic ad optimization since August 2015. Initially, Yieldbird was tested in just 2 product categories, but thanks to outstanding results and significantly increased ad revenue, our cooperation was rapidly extended to the entire webpage (and continues to this day). saw 75% higher ad revenues thanks to ad optimization by Yieldbird, and because of this, Yieldbird is now an exclusive partner in ad optimization and yield management for Gumtree in Poland. Yieldbird helps monetize the hundreds of millions of ad impressions’s inventory sees monthly.




We strongly recommend Yieldbird to any publisher who is serious about raising their ad revenue and their yield management. Their free test is very easy to start – just plug in the tags and you’re ready to go. No sophisticated contracts or previous arrangements needed. It’s also worth mentioning their excellent customer service and instant assistance when any problems arise. At one point, we had advertisers being inappropriately blocked and Yieldbird’s reaction was prompt and to the point. Finally, we love how they report – all your information is clearly displayed, and we have full control over what’s going on! Yieldbird – the strong and reliable ad optimizer.

Jacek Rudnicki, Head of CS Emerging Markets, Gumtree


  • Instant help with any issues.
  • Excellent customer relations, founded on trust.
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