Pikabu is a user-generated-content website. Since 2009 it collects the best, hottest and freshest pieces from Russian (runet) and international internet.


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Pikabu is a user-generated-content website. Since 2009 it collects the best, hottest, and freshest content from Russian (runet) and international domains. Pikabu users – who call themselves pikabushniki – can add images, videos, and texts, which are usually humor posts. Others may vote on their favorite and the best pieces will be displayed on the front page. Pikabu reaches for the next level of the internet experience. It’s users create a vivid community that is as active offline as they are online.


  • 127% ad revenue reached, despite only 75% ad impressions used (comparing to the pre-test period).
  • 100% rise in long-term eCPM.




Pikabu started cooperating with Yieldbird in April 2016 as a second-choice partner (after Yandex). From the very beginning, Yieldbird ad optimizers doubled the eCPM generated by the website and have sustained this level since. Due to the nature of the publisher, it was critical not to overload users with ad inventory and ad content. The publisher was also very keen on testing innovations and listening to recommendations from Yieldbird.





I am very satisfied with the Yieldbird’s results.  Because of our type of audience and geo determinants, Yieldbird is our second-choice partner, monetizing our ad inventory in a programmatic model. The activities taken by their optimization experts brought Pikabu immediately ca. 1/3 more revenue than we used to have. Moreover, Yieldbird is also very active in recommending innovations and tweaking our monetization techniques. We enjoyed working with them a lot!

Maxim Khryashchev, Pikabu Founder


  • Instant blocking of any unwanted ads pointed by the publisher.
  • Savvy recommendations always to the point.
  • Outstanding responsiveness.
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