Benefits from Yieldbird

We have our own programmatic team, why should we test Yieldbird if we are satisfied with the results we generate ourselves?

The general practice of running tests is useful to any business, helps see the bigger picture and identify any problem areas. Running a test with an external yield optimizer can be a good way to compare results at a total level or in specific areas. Programmatic in-house resources are valuable for a Publisher. Often Publishers prefer to use their own in-house skills for tasks of higher priority, however, an external team can help support in other areas. We pride ourselves on working in synergy with other companies and aim to be of optimal support.

Our test is Publisher safe. It gives a Publisher a good opportunity to get additional info that might help establish an in-house programmatic strategy.

In programmatic there’s always plenty to do. Having an external partner enables you to realize your full potential.

What is the average eCPM that you generate for your Publishers?

As you can probably guess, the eCPM varies across all Publishers we work with and depends on a range of factors. These include; the site itself and the demand it generates, the availability of ad impressions, the local market and the season.  

Our eCPM range varies from 0,1€ to 7,27€.

Since we have access to the same tools you are using, why do you assume you could provide us with better results?

Programmatic yield optimization is our number one focus. Tools, knowledge and experience are the most important in the optimization process. We have been generating our know how for the past six years and have handle several billion ad requests per month. We optimize on a daily basis. Our data scientists and analysts test new tools and ideas and draw conclusions that enable us to constantly enhance our performance. Being programmatically updated and knowing what works and what does not is crucial for us. Publishers benefit from our experience as they see their revenue going up with the work we do.

How much can I earn? What will be my revenue?

Previous research shows that partnering with us on a regular basis can significantly increase your earnings.  The revenue will depend of the quantity of the material we get to optimize, the amount of ad requests that you send us, proper implementation of the codes and demand on your traffic. Once you have provided the material, we will surely make the optimal use of it in terms of the fill rate (ad request provided vs ad imps sold), the eCPM and your revenue stream.

We really know our stuff!

We work with you to ensure that we deliver the best results and drive revenue for your business. From the 30 days test phase to the weekly cycles, we take all the juicy info and data we can get our hands on to really make a difference.

To top it off, we also guarantee that we will not earn you any less than usual during the test phase (this is based on an average over the previous six months), with the same number of ad requests.

During the test phase, we aim to increase revenue. This uplift is dependent on a range of factors that are specific to the website. Previous test phases we’ve conducted have increased over 100%.