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We have our own programmatic team, why should we test Yieldbird if we are satisfied with the results we generate ourselves?

The general practice of running tests is useful to any business, helps see the bigger picture and identify any problem areas. Running a test with an external yield optimizer can be a good way to compare results at a total level or in specific areas. Programmatic in-house resources are valuable for a Publisher. Often Publishers prefer to use their own in-house skills for tasks of higher priority, however, an external team can help support in other areas. We pride ourselves on working in synergy with other companies and aim to be of optimal support.

Our test is Publisher safe. It gives a Publisher a good opportunity to get additional info that might help establish an in-house programmatic strategy.

In programmatic there’s always plenty to do. Having an external partner enables you to realize your full potential.

What is the average eCPM that you generate for your Publishers?

As you can probably guess, the eCPM varies across all Publishers we work with and depends on a range of factors. These include; the site itself and the demand it generates, the availability of ad impressions, the local market and the season.  

Our eCPM range varies from 0,1€ to 7,27€.

Can your Publishers check the sites’ stats on their own?

Sure. We keep all we do transparent. Our Publishers have access to our online panel where they can see the stats, upload invoices and generate reports. The reporting facility is updated on daily basis. We simply try to make your live easier – customer care is of utmost importance for us.

What ad units do you monetize?

We monetize all IAB friendly programmatic formats – these units are recommended because of market demand.

We also monetize units which are popular in each country but are beyond IAB recommendations. Please check the details with your Publisher Manager.

How long does integration take?

Once the implementation has been tagged by Yieldbird on your system, you will need to contact your Publisher Manager. The AdOps team will then confirm that the implementation process has been a success. Once this is complete, the test period starts.

Can your Publishers run their own direct sale?

Absolutely! Premium sales (direct sales as well as ad network cooperation) still generate the most money for the publishers. This will change in the future (and is already changing in some markets) but for the time being we recommend our Publishers keep their premium sales. Yieldbird handles programmatic only, we don’t run against publishers’ premium sales.

Do you monetize only desktop? What about mobile & apps?

We have developed our service to keep up with demand and having originally started with desktop optimization, we now offer mobile optimization. Our app optimization capability will be available soon. This is currently in testing phase but watch this space!

What is a trial and what for is it?

The trial is a period when we combine all our forces to do our best that you won’t earn less than you did before. Also to create the upward trend, using the best set of rules, tools and proportions which will allow you to earn more progressively from the very start of our partnership.