What factors does my income depend on?

There are three factors which influence total revenue: eCPM, fill rate and the total number of ad impressions.

  1. Maximizing your eCPM

    The eCPM that is displayed in the Publisher Panel is an average of all the auctions your impressions appear in. If the eCPM is too high – your fill rate will drop and you will earn less. If it is too low, you’ll be losing money on underpriced impressions. Our job is to find the optimum price by conducting a series of A/B tests.

  2. Optimal fill rate / eCPM balance

    We strive for 100% fill rate for all the businesses we work with. However, if we can increase your revenue at the expense of ads-free impressions, then we do everything in our power to do so. Yieldbird looks for optimal settings. Sometimes it means that it’s better to have higher price floors than to sell 100% of ad impressions because it will allow you to earn more.

    Simply put, the less you have of something, the higher the price is. Our service is unique to every business we work with, so we make sure we are offering you the best possible solution for your needs.

  3. Maximize the number of ad impressions

    After you implement our codes, we are in control of the eCPM and fill rate however, we have no control over the number of ad impressions. By working together, we can leverage more ad impressions and maximize both impressions and revenue!


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