Business Analyst

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Your responsibilities

  • creating weekly and monthly cost reports (drawing conclusions and presenting them to the supervisor),
  • daily revenue reports, deviation monitoring (drawing conclusions and presenting them to the supervisor),
  • participating in monthly closing,
  • preparing monthly reports for departments within the company and for Agora, which we are a part of,
  • performing additional tasks upon the request of the manager and the Board.

Our expectations

  • 2 years of experience in business analysis,
  • good knowledge of Excel,
  • knowledge of Access, relational databases, SQL is welcome,
  • analytical thinking,
  • openness to change,
  • thoroughness, persistence and attention to detail in entrusted tasks,
  • independence, ability to prioritize,
  • the ability to work in teams, a healthy level of detachment and sense of humor,
  • the ability to use English for business related communication.


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