Data Scientist

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Your responsibilities

  • cooperating with representatives of Products, Technologies and Traffic in identifying goals,
  • evaluating the possibility to meet the goals by applying relevant analytical techniques and considering success criteria,
  • cooperation with the team responsible for implementation of mechanisms based on data,
  • data exploration, evaluation of data quality and character in the context of the conducted analytical projects,
  • finding trends and patters in events which may be used in the process of optimization,
  • creating prediction models based on statistical and mathematical analysis,
  • drawing up specification of the range and structure of data required for implementation of selected analytical techniques and implementation of procedures for processing techniques,
  • formulating and testing optimization hypotheses,
  • development of own competencies, following recent trends in the research and analytics industry etc.

Our expectations

  • 5 years of experience in data analysis / data mining,
  • knowledge of analytical tools: R, KXEN, IBM Modeler or similar databases: Oracle PL/SQL,
  • degree level education in the field of mathematics/statistics (PhD, or PhD candidates are welcome),
  • thoroughness, persistence and attention to detail in performing the entrusted tasks,
  • independence, ability to prioritize,
  • ability to use English at C1 level.

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