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Combining technology with business is a must; however, when you have to work with a number of applications in a single process, it may be a challenge. Why not automate it, make your work easier, decrease the probability of mistakes, save on expenses, and focus on what really matters? Our ad-tech software studio, Codest, will help with that. We are online experts who turn ideas into profitable working products smoothly and reliably. You will see measurable benefits for your business as well as added value.



  • We work closely together from the initial idea to product deployment and support, advising and helping you from the very beginning
  • Communication is crucial for us. You will benefit from a dedicated Project Manager, weekly reports to monitor progress, ongoing weekly meetings, phone calls, workshops, HipChats, and more


  • Agile is our way. Small deliverables step by step show results and guarantee safety, and it’s easy for customers to validate the real product value. We work in Scrum, deliver quickly (Ruby on Rails, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Responsive), and use safe, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure (Amazon Web Services).
  • We provide transparency from the start and remain open and honest. We are also time-tracked.

Projects we are proud of

Project: Reacher – Ad-tech API platform for publishers and ad networks

Client: Mittmedia

Brief Description: Reacher connects clients’ existing SSPs, DSPs, CRMs, and invoicing systems into one automated system in order to increase revenues and minimize internal costs.



Project: MKT360 – Ad-campaign management system

Client: Stampen Media Group

Brief Description: A tailor-made, complete system for complex ad campaigns’ end-to-end management, and a complete digital presence for small advertisers: display, social media, and AdWords. All advertising is geographically targeted.



Project: Agora Performance – Affiliate self-service system.

Client: Agora S.A.

Brief Description: A full-featured and self-serve affiliate system with automated complex business processes (from partner registration and validation to money payout), industry-standard compliant statistics, and reporting modules.



Project: AdTaily – Self-service ad network

Client: AdTaily

Brief Description: First self-service advertising platform in Europe designed for ad-space monetization for small publishers. Multiple selling channels, revolutionary self-adjusting widget, marketplace, and sales interface. Buys ads directly on a publisher’s website within a few minutes.



Project: Sir Local – Lead-generation platform

Client: Sir Local

Brief Description: Fully automated lead-generation platform for appliance-repair specialists. Functional and smart self-service interface for inexperienced Internet users. Built-in simple, pre-paid account for easy settlement. Easy-to-scale architecture.



Project: – Smart TV app

Client: Stopklatka TV

Brief Description: Tailor-made Smart TV app running smoothly across multiple devices.

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