Strategic Programmatic Partnership

Large publishers and media groups need flexibility to follow the constantly changing advertising market and need to be a step ahead to retain their leading position. Yieldbird helps publishing organizations speed up the programmatic learning curve and ensure faster growth in the future. As your strategic partner, we closely collaborate with your team and use your tools in order to build expertise inside your organization.



The big picture. We support you in crafting a long-term vision for programmatic in your company. During strategic power days that we organize for you every quarter, we help you draw up a precise roadmap for next three months. Our strategic support includes:

  • Audit of your organization, detecting revenue-growth barriers and identifying ways to overcome them.
  • Action plan on how to protect your direct-sales rates and how to combine programmatic with direct.
  • Action plan on what will be your ideal programmatic stack in order to protect your sales strategy and generate the best revenue at the same time.
  • Mentoring and operational training for your team members.
  • Action plan on how to make your inventory more valuable (better visibility, better CTRs, audience) and how to build product packages of your inventory in order to boost sales.
  • Action plan on how to monetize on adblocked traffic.


Outsource most of the hard work to our ad ops, analysts, and data-science experts in order to unlock your assets and get focused on your strategic business. Our Yield Management & Ad Ops services include:

  • Open Auction and PMP price optimization.
  • Header-bidding implementations and management.
  • Programmatic deals management and troubleshooting.
  • Custom reporting and insights.
  • Testing and evaluations of all SSPs and ad networks that approach you.
  • DFP (DoubleClick For Publishers) end-to-end implementations and management.
  • Custom integrations and development.


Just let us pick up the phone and close deals for you!

  • Negotiating and closing incoming deals.
  • Managing existing buyers to increase their spending.
  • Promoting inventory to international buyers.



Melon Reklam—Advertising Manager, Yeni Medya


Yieldbird acts as the internal-optimization team of Melon Reklam. Our experts are fully in charge of daily business operations, strategy development, and support in setting relationships with key ad buyers. All websites of Yeni Medya (i.e.,, managed by Melon Reklam, with the support of Yieldbird, have generated a significant rise in revenue.


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