Yield Management

Yieldbird is an ad management company and a team of ad revenue optimization experts. We identify parameters specific to your website and select programmatic tools that result in the best performance. We use multiple SSPs, Trading Desks and work with media agencies directly. Our highly-skilled optimizers take advantage of the latest technologies, but what matters more is that they personally check on a daily basis to make sure you are achieving the highest possible results. That’s our secret!


Higher revenue from your ad inventory: hand-made and automated optimization

  • Big data analysis and optimization – our AI algorithms check terabites of data daily to learn which floors drive the best performance, considering placements, geos, advertisers, users etc.
  • Using this knowledge our ad optimizers configure settings of your campaigns several times a day.
  • We work with various SSP platforms & ad exchangers. All the platforms which are worth it.
  • We implement header bidding solutions with 400 ms guarantee.

30-Day Trial & Revenue Guaranteed

  • Safe 30-day trial & a revenue guarantee.
  • Transparent & easy-to-assess cooperation that quickly relieves you of your daily duties.
  • A detailed report after a trial period that allows you to see the progress.

Full Access 24/7. Easy To Use. Money Within 30 Days

  • You get access to our online panel where you can see all the stats.
  • You can generate yield management reports with unique data.
  • We transfer you money starting from 30 days.
  • We have a dedicated Publisher Manager who will guide you through all the steps of the optimization.

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