How to stay ahead in digital advertising with our simple step-by-step guide. 

1. Nurture your ad-curiosity

Make a habit of satiating your ad-driven curiosity. Try finding recognized sources that bring you the daily essentials when it comes to news, asking follow-up questions, and approaching digital problems from multiple angles. Finding a dedicated LinkedIn group can solve a few hurdles as well.

It’s good to nurture your curiosity with a daily slice of ad-tech news by joining the well-informed community via a newsletter subscription.

2. Emulate good ideas that work

Don’t be afraid to get inspired by others ideas. Whether it’s an unforgettable ad campaign, patent subscription plan for your high-quality 1-tier content, or an innovative optimization strategy, take these ideas and think outside the box.

Try these eight steps the key publishers took to keep their ad revenue flow high.

3. Stay updated

Keeping up with the newest trends and innovative technology in the ad ecosystem is essential for growth. That means you need to keep yourself informed about everything, be it ad fraud, new fake news, or the latest AI solutions that’ll boost your business potential.

Programmatic advertising trends are best applied when we become more aware of its potential benefits and revenue uptake. Watch this video and observe how programmatic will take its share in global ad spend.

4. Never stop learning

Knowledge is power. When scrolling past the ads, try taking a moment to understand why a certain ad banner caches a user’s eye or gets more views and receives higher click-through rates.

Take some time out of your schedule and explore this guide to native ads and get more insights on trends and ad strategies. Or learn how to accept deals on major programmatic platforms while sipping your morning coffee.

5. Experiment

Continuously experiment with new workflows and techniques. Try out a new approach in your campaign project for an even greater learning opportunity and higher yield.

Check out this checklist of the best AdWords practices by Google which will drive the right results by running these speedy, insightful experiments.

6. Find a mentor and get inspired

Get inspired by those who marched their way through the rocky waves of the industry, someone to show you a more nuanced picture of what is yet to come. Observe how things work and take notes on the experiential wisdom offered by professionals who truly know the industry.

Read the story behind the 21st fastest growing tech company by #CEFAST50 Deloitte.

7. Start from the basics

It’s never too late to get down to basics, as the basics are all too necessary to grasp the full potential and meaning of any situation.

Try the WTF is Programmatic series for more insightful explanations and terminology debunked.

Take a look at the simple step-by-step guide and stay ahead in digital advertising.

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