Agora is the first publisher in Poland to implement ads.txt

Agora is the first publisher in Poland to implement ads.txt by Yieldbird

Yieldbird has implemented Agora’s standard ads.txt, bringing greater transparency to the publisher’s advertising space. Ads.txt reaches out to the programmatic community in the battle against unfair advertising practices and the implementation of IAB recommendations.

The ads.txt solution, developed by IAB Tech Lab, is the answer to two increasingly occurring problems in the field of program advertising: domain spoofing and the unfair resale of ad space in programmatic open auctions.

With ads.txt files (a small text file containing information about the SSPs that the publisher uses), publishers can enhance their brand protection against unverified sources of program advertising. On the other side, advertisers are confident that they’re buying original advertising space.

Ads.txt files have already been implemented by and The implementation process was run by Yieldbird (part of the Agora Group) which manages advertising space and optimizes revenue from programmatic advertising.

More and more media houses and advertisers are asking us whether we adhere to the ads.txt standards. Here’s our answer: by implementing it, we comply with their expectations. “As a premium publisher, we want our buyers to have access to our ad space in the most transparent way” says Paweł Dubiel, Head of Product Development at

Yieldbird continues to inform other partnered publishers about implementing the ads.txt file. For each and every publisher, Yieldbird experts prepare personalized files based on the tools used for monetization.

„We believe this initiative will help solve the problem of unfair advertising practices. Not only will brands better reach their audience, but they’ll also reach publishers whose inventories won’t be sold several times in a questionable way, „explains Bartłomiej Chmiel, Managing Director at Yieldbird.

“It’s a win-win for the whole industry. Implementing these standards builds and strengthens confidence in programmatic advertising” adds Tomasz Kryń, Head of Programmatic Premium at Yieldbird.

Still, few publishers are aware of the need to use the ads.txt solution. The analysis of the MarTech Today portal found that only 34 of the 500 largest US Internet sites had this small text file installed, as of August 2017. However, the number of publishers using the solution is steadily increasing.

This is mostly due to Google’s declaration that pages that do not use ads.txt will be removed from DoubleClick Bid Manager.

To ensure that publisher revenue is safe from there restrictions, Yieldbird has developed a special guide explaining how to easily implement the ads.txt standard.


Are you ready to go step by step with our experts and check out the QUICK GUIDE TO ADS.TXT IMPLEMENTATION to fully grasp the ads.txt file?


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