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How to increase ad revenue and keep user experience high in this ever-changing advertising industry? This is why Yieldbird prepared the Guidelines For Better Ads.

Online advertising is one of the most important means of funding the creation and publication of online content, articles, photos, videos, and audio podcasts. As publishers put more and more annoying ads on websites (because sometimes being annoying leads to being noticed and interacted with), users seek to avoid these unpleasant ad experiences. But how to increase the revenue, monetize more and keep the audience?

Examples of creatives that are going to be blocked

The Initial Better Ads standards include both Desktop and Mobile creative formats which are defined as least preferred and connected with disrupting the user experience. For now, these standards consist of twelve types of ads, 4 on desktop and 8 on mobile.Download-Guidelines-For-Better-Ads-By-Yieldbird

The desktop ads include:

The mobile standards include all of the ad experiences defined on the desktop web as well as:

Prestitial ads with countdown timers

Pop-up ads

Auto-play video ads with sound

Large sticky ads

Ads similar to postitialads with countdown timers

Ads that take up more than 30% of the screen

Flashing animated ads

Full-screen, scroll-over ads.

What’s else in the Guide?

The Guidelines For Better Ads will give you a closer insight into the essential aspects for every online publisher to know:

Are your ads relevant to the content of the site?
Do your ads suit user’s’ general interests?
Coalition for better ads – what do they do?
Better Ads Standards – Least preferred ad experiences for desktop and mobile web
Examples of creatives that are going to be blocked.
Ad Experience report – how does it work?

There is a couple of approaches that might (and should) be implemented by publishers to react to the risk of being adblocked or rejected.

Download The Guidelines For Better Ads below and learn more how you can elevate your website experience.


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