Yieldbird is optimizing the programmatic advertising of Celltick

Cooperation of Celltick & Yieldbird

Yieldbird has become a leading programmatic partner of Celltick, a global mobile marketing firm specializing in mobile engagement and discovery. 


Celltick is the maker of customized solutions for mobile operators, including apps such as Start – a start screen for Android and the Magazine – content-as-a-service for operators, OEMs, and app developers. The Yieldbird team is responsible for the comprehensive support of the company’s activities in programmatic advertising for these products.

At the end of June 2017, Yieldbird was chosen to optimize advertising inventory for Start – a start screen for Android and the Magazine – an app which is pre-installed by many mobile operators, including T-Mobile in Poland. The Yieldbird team is in charge of Celltick’s programmatic advertising operations such as open market operations optimization, programmatic deal management, adops outsourcing, and tech support.

„With the help from Yieldbird’s dedicated team, we have been able to significantly improve the monetization of our advertising space, which has also translated into a significant increase in revenues from programmatic advertising in just 3 months,” said Keren Klein, Chief Revenue Officer at Celltick.

Celltick’s programmatic advertising activities managed by Yieldbird are concentrated on the global market, being particularly active in Latin America.

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