AdTaily changed its name to Yieldbird

On the 8th of December AdTaily changed its name to Yieldbird. From now on we provide our services for both publishers and advertisers using one name. This simplification is helping us to be more efficient in reaching demand for our publishers.

If you made a plebiscite on the most frequently occurring word of last weeks in Yieldbird’s HQ, “name changing” would take, if not the first position, at least the place on the podium. Although the official company name was changed on December 8th, preparations took pretty long time. Dozens of meetings on the concept of operations, gallons of drunken coffee and energizers. And here we are! If you want to ask us about the point of our actions, we are ready with the simple answer: because it’s a natural step in becoming a better company.

Have a quick look on our history and you will get our point. The company (named AdTaily) was found in 2009. Four years later we kicked-off the yield optimization services (with Yieldbird brand). That turned out to be a great step for our business. Right now the close collaboration with publishers is a leading part of what we do and the field we want to develop. That is the reason why we want to be consistent in our communication.

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