More programmatic video opportunities with Yieldbird

Yieldbird now provides their publishers with monetizing ad space through video formats. Thanks to solutions offered by the company’s partners, publishers can broadcast outstream ads. Additionally, Yieldbird widened its cooperation with SSP’s specializing in demand for video inventory.

Yieldbird helps digital publishers and website owners maximize their revenue through the optimization of advertising space and programmatic campaign management. Its experts also relieve publishers in setting up and monitoring campaigns, testing new technology partners, and providing additional demand for their advertising inventory through their own sales teams.

Now, the video format monetisation is available for publishers being at various technological levels to choose from a wide variety of tools offered by the company. Yieldbird’s experts deliver the well-proven Advaneo player (Advandeo is a division of ATG Ad Tech Group), which allows video ads to be displayed on publisher sites in outstream format, even if the publisher does not have video content on their pages.

Outstream video ads are a common solution and widely acceptable to users. This is a less invasive type of ad that does not block the content of the page and can be displayed without sound.

Video ads monetization is certainly a profitable source of revenue. It can increase publisher revenue by as much as 10-20%. However, many publishers do not have the time or resources to deal with this matter. That’s why we offer them a ready-made solution. With ATG technology, which Yieldbird optimizes as per the publishers’ requirements, the lack of video content on the site is no longer an issue to the video advertising, says Bartlomiej Chmiel, Managing Director of Yieldbird.

To bring demand for publishers’ advertising space, Yieldbird has also widened its cooperating with SSPs specializing in demand for video inventory. This will provide an array of options for publishers pivoting to video formats.

Yieldbird is one the leaders in the ad tech industry in Central Eastern Europe. Its team of experts manages advertising space and optimizes revenue from programmatic advertising. They support publishers through advanced tools and optimization strategies, dedicated sales teams, strategic partnerships, consulting services, and specialized software development for media companies. Yieldbird is consistently increasing the scale of its international activities. It currently works for 250 publishers in over 30 countries in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

In April 2017, Yieldbird was the only Polish company nominated for the Best Ad Ops Team in The Drum Digital Trading Awards. Judges appreciated the ad ops and yield management project that Yieldbird created for MailOnline, the digital branch of “Daily Mail” ( and the world’s largest English-language newspaper website. Yieldbird has been optimizing MailOnline’s advertising inventory across 17 markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as 13 markets in Latin America. In 2017 Yieldbird was recognized as 21. fastest developing tech company in Central Europe, according to Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 Ranking.

Yieldbird’s main stakeholder is Agora S.A.

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