Yieldbird implements Facebook’s Audience Network on Agora websites

Yieldbird is the first ad-tech company in Poland to implement Facebook’s Audience Network with header bidding technology – all for Agora, one of Poland’s largest publishers.

Ads from Facebook’s Audience Network are now displayed on Agora’s mobile sites, all thanks to header bidding technology. The solutions offered by Facebook’s Audience Network were implemented by Yieldbird, a subsidiary company of Agora acting within global markets and specializing in programmatic advertising management and ad inventory optimization.

Yieldbird’s technical team made sure that the implementation went smoothly and without any delays. The entire process was based on a custom method of handling header bidding auctions, which has been already applied to Agora’s websites. Right now, the network’s ads are displayed on all mobile websites from Gazeta.pl and Wyborcza.pl, using the same rules regarding targeting, measurement, and screening as those applied on Facebook.

“Enriching our advertising offer in the fields of social media and programmatic is an important development initiative. So integrating with Facebook is the natural consequence of these activities. As a result, advertisers can present their ads among our other high quality content, using Facebook’s extremely precise data,” said Andrzej Purchla, Chief of Advertising Product Development, Gazeta.pl.

 Facebook’s Audience Network lets advertisers expand their ad campaigns beyond Facebook. You’ll reach audiences on websites and apps across tons of devices, like computers, mobile devices, and connected TVs. Global publishing partners of the network include Washington Post, Daily Mirror, Shazam, The Huffington Post, and India Today Group.

Yieldbird completed the implementation of Facebook’s Audience Network following Agora’s decision to join the Audience Network – which was the result of consistent growth of Agora websites’ social media presence. According to Sotrender’s Fanpage Trends Report  [January 2017], Gazeta.pl is the most engaging and most interactive Polish portal on Facebook, with over 33 million monthly visits originating from the platform. As reported by Gemius Traffic [May 2017], in April Gazeta.pl was first in Poland to introduce a day-to-day advertising offer that reached Facebook users – Social Home Page.


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