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Q1’s digital marketing events by Yieldbird. Publishers' Higher Yield

And here we are – a new year. One with new opportunities and new business challenges. Before your work totally absorbs you, take a look at our event list. We’ve gathered the best one’s that we think will interest you and your business. These are great places to develop solutions and discuss problems, helping digital marketing influencers stand out in their field. Be sure that your event schedule is up-to-date!

Advanced Programmatic for Buyers & Sellers – January 17, New York, USA

If you want to upgrade your skills, the IAB training is worth considering. The second edition of the training series of Advanced Programmatic for Media Buyers and Sellers is a one day course that provides comprehensive training on the programmatic process, tools, and core capabilities within the digital industry today. The course boasts a highly interactive learning experience with group discussions led by experienced industry professionals and programmatic experts. Expect real-world examples, best practices, and recommendations at this event.

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AdExchanger’s Industry Preview – January 18-19, New York, USA

If you decide to go to NYC for the IAB training above, stay another 2 days for this one. You just can’t want to miss AdExchanger’s Industry Preview. It’s perfect for anyone curious about what to expect from marketing technology in 2017. For 2 inspiring days, 50 visionary leaders of advertising and marketing technology will share unparalleled insights into the latest industry ideas and trends. With far-sighted content and a big picture attitude, Industry Preview attracts many VP and C-level executives – 750 attendees from the top brands, agencies, publishing houses, and media companies. Over the course of 28 sessions, 50 industry leaders and technology providers will speak about advertising and the marketing technology ecosystem. They seek to emphasize the latest ideas, trends, and technologies that are expanding the marketing and advertising world.

The agenda includes topics like:

  • Quality measurement (visibility, fraud measurement, time-in-view)
  • Programmatic native
  • TV ad buying process
  • Real-time advertising

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Digiday Publishing Summit Japan – February 2-3, Odawara, Japan

Each edition of Digiday Publishing Summit offers a great opportunity to see how the new era of digital publishing can bring you development and success. Share this experience with key industry leaders and listen to their inspiring keynotes and insights. This year’s edition concentrates on monetization, user experience, and content creation, under the slogan “Exploring and reforming the digital publishing world together”. Japan’s Digiday event is also one of the best opportunities to connect with the biggest international players in the industry from top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies, and technology providers.

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Digiday Hot Topic: Header Bidding – February 7, New York, USA

Over the last year, we’ve all seen how header bidding has become one of the buzzwords in digital publishing. The Digiday conference about header bidding opens with a series of lively talks from industry leading publishers and experts . With these talks and discussion sessions, explore this exciting side of digital media. Expect topics such as: waterfall, buyer’s perspective, the side effect of header bidding and its future, along with many inspiring case studies.

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3XE Digital – February 9-10, Dublin, Ireland

3XE Digital is a great choice if you want not only to hear inspiring presentations, but also receive core knowledge from every talk. Speakers have been asked to present their ideas in 20 minutes talks, providing  actionable takeaways for attendants’ daily use. It doesn’t matter if you’re in digital marketing or personal communications, you’ll learn vital insights about Data, Mobile, and Social Media Marketing. 20 Experts and your fellow digital professionals will lead the 16 exciting talks at this year’s event. 3XE gives you the chance to meet and interact with experts, share ideas, and see your daily work in a new light.

At 3XE Digital, you’ll also be able to practice what you learn in your choice of 6 expert workshops. Combined with presentations, these workshops are designed to ensure that you take away a clear and practical understanding on how to put new-found marketing knowledge to use.

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Digiday Publishing Summit Europe – February 21-23, Lisbon, Portugal

“The play of platforms” is the central motto of the Digiday Publishing Summit in Lisbon. Digital communities and top publishers will discuss how they shift platforms for profit. If you’re interested in how to monetize your huge viewership and turn that attention into revenue, make sure that Lisbon and Digiday Publishing Summit are in your event calendar!

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Mobile World Congress – 27 February – 2 March, Barcelona, Spain

What’s going to be hot in mobile advertising in 2017? If you need to know the answer, then visit Barcelona and get involved in Mobile World Congress! The event gathers together representatives from the mobile advertising industry, as well as others, and it takes place in the Mobile World Capital – Barcelona. The line-up this year features leaders, visionaries, and industry innovators that will offer a glimpse into the future of mobile advertising. Over the course of four days,  Mobile World Congress will explore the newest and most exciting developments in the mobile industry. The agenda contains topics such as: Innovations in News, Media & Publishing and Mobile First, Mobile Advertising and Apps, Retail and Digital Commerce, and Tech Trends To Understand The Present And Plan For The Future. And let’s not forget about the great networking opportunity – the event attracts 101,000 attendees annually, a large portion of which are senior-level executives. MWC also attracts more than 2,2000 exhibitors, giving you a chance to see what’s getting people really excited in the mobile advertising industry.

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Programmatic Summit 2017 – March 2, Sydney, Australia

Programmatic is one of the most popular topics in many industry conferences – sometimes leading, sometimes secondary. But what if you want to attend a conference dedicated solely to programmatic advertising? Then the Programmatic Summit 2017, in both Australia & New Zealand, is the choice for you. The event is perfect for media and advertising executives, from  both the buying and selling side. If you want to find out what’s next in Programmatic, be sure to check out this event.

You can expect a meeting with the sharpest minds in the industry along with key players, demonstrating how programmatic advertising is on the rise with no signs of stopping. The conference will concentrate on all aspects of programmatic advertising and will provide insights into how the fast-moving industry is developing.

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Online Marketing Rockstars Festival – March 2-3, Hamburg, Germany

Each year, Hamburg becomes the marketing heart of Germany. Online Marketing Rockstars is the largest event of its kind in Europe. Every edition attracts the top players in the industry, offering guidelines, inspiration, news, and data. The first day of the festival is a good opportunity for exhibitors to show everyone what they’ve got – this includes start-ups as well as established companies in the marketing industry. The second day is devoted to the core of the Festival – the conference, which highlights the changers and shakers in the marketing industry. Topics concentrate on content monetization, the future of social advertising, and the best strategies for a multi-platform world.

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Dx3 2017 – March 8-9, Toronto, Canada

Don’t miss your chance to connect with key marketing decision makers at Canada’s largest meeting of vendors, brands, agencies and technology organizations. Offering a deep learning experience, Dx3 is all about changing the digital marketing and retail world. This means 2 days and 1 night of interactive setups and challenging subject matter. They want to teach, inspire, get people connected, and make business happen! The conference offers attendees the opportunity to learn from industry experts and interact with the expertise that is changing our industries and shaping what we do. The discussion will revolve around the future of Data, creativity, innovation, and commerce in modern marketing.

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New Delhi ad:tech – March 9-10, Gurgaon, India

Do you want to find out what’s hot in India, resolve challenges, and stay ahead in digital marketing? Then ad:tech New Delhi 2017 is the place for you. It’s India’s No. 1 marketing and media technology event, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet with marketing, technology, and media communities. In an ever-changing and competitive marketplace, these groups come together to share their ideas, create connections, and explore the latest approaches. The event also boasts the biggest meeting of India’s digital community, with 6500+ attendees across 31 nations. With numerous speakers sharing inspiring keynotes and a massive exhibition hall with 90+ exhibitors, ad:tech brings the latest innovations in the digital world.

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Digital Marketing Innovation Summit – March 21-22, New York, USA

Presence at this summit is crucial if you want to effectively take advantage of new technologies and improve your consumer communications. Summit brings 20+ hours of networking and attracts 28+ industry speakers and 150+ delegates, including both commercial leaders and marketers. The schedule is filled with topics like moving beyond simple native advertising, personalizing multi-channel engagement, or creating a seamless on-and-offline experience. Bringing commercial leaders together for discussion, Digital Marketing Innovation Summit offers practical and strategic solutions to modern challenges.

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Digiday Publishing Summit – March 29-31, Vail, Colorado, USA

The motto to this edition of Digiday Publishing Summit is “Finding the money in distributed publishing”. Publishers know the importance of publishing on platforms. The real problem is how do use these platforms so they’re profitable, workable, and lets publishers be in control. Your daily business surely faces this problem every day. The Digiday Publishing Summit will convene the top publishers together to discuss the challenges of publishing in the platform era.

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