Programmatic Advertising In Europe: Missing Specialists

Programmatic Advertising In Europe: Missing Specialists

Each year brings new programmatic innovations that, in turn, require more and more specialists to use them. For both publishers and advertisers, the biggest challenge right now is the lack of professional staff that can implement new technology. Without this, it’s difficult to truly maximize your profits. So with that in mind, Yieldbird checked which countries are best prepared for the rapid growth in programmatic tech and which ones are not.

Although many companies intensively invest in the development of programmatic competences of their staff, their human-resource needs will not be fully satisfied in upcoming years. That’s because there’s a basic barrier made up of high costs and the fact that knowledge in the field quickly becomes obsolete. And on top of that, any organized trainings are mainly internal, and their ‘vendor-led’ nature makes it harder to transfer skills quickly and in a scalable manner.

There isn’t enough data that shows us the pace of emerging new positions. We get an indication of the degree of saturation in specialists by looking at LinkedIn, being the biggest professional networking portal worldwide. Using it, we wanted to determine which countries display the most advanced development of programmatic competences and which countries have problems keeping up with the changes in online advertising. To do this, Yieldbird analyzed European countries alongside their level of professional “programmatic advertising skills”.

Number of specialists on the market

Nearly half (49%) of individuals found under ‘programmatic advertising’ specified their location as the United States. Europe’s share of displayed profiles was 26% (13 931), while the rest of the world stood at 24% (13 564). Great Britain was clearly leading the way, with a 35% share of the total number of programmatic advertising specialists on the continent. Leaders including the UK, Germany, and France compose over half (52%) of the specialists active in the European market.

The first ten countries from among 48 analyzed countries outside of the podium (which includes Italy, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Poland and Russia) constitute over 82%. Professionals from the remaining 38 countries compose barely 18% of the total number of employees with programmatic competences in Europe.

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Programmatic competences among the workforce  

An interesting index we looked at was the ratio between the number of specialists connected with programmatic advertising and the total number of people registered on LinkedIn in a given country.


The programmatic index for the European TOP10 is 2.34. The value of the index for the remaining 38 countries is 0.52, which significantly decreases the average European value. Still, big markets with a relatively small “concentration” of specialists in programmatic advertising seem to be particularly noteworthy. These include Russia, Turkey, as well as France, with an index at the level of 0.89.


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