How ASDA Built a Robust Advertising Infrastructure and Enhanced Brand Safety With Yieldbird’s Expert Services


ASDA, a prominent UK based retail company, needed to establish its presence in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. This required creating a customized ad server infrastructure, and they opted for Google Ad Manager (GAM). The primary challenge for ASDA was a lack of expertise in managing GAM infrastructure. Additionally, the company had strict brand safety policies, restricting access to its inventory for multiple advertisers. This posed the challenge of ensuring brand safety while maximizing revenue.


We provided the expertise and resources necessary to assist ASDA in building its GAM advertising setup and configuring it for brand safety. Our experts undertook the following steps. First of all, they conducted a comprehensive inventory mapping exercise to identify and utilize valuable inventory that could be further monetized. Then they recommended a final ad unit structure, considering ASDA's brand safety policy and revenue goals. They seamlessly integrated the new ad unit structure into a new GAM account. Furthermore, they provided recommendations for optimizing ad layouts balancing revenue generation and user experience, based on users' behavior. In addition, in collaboration with ASDA, we implemented a comprehensive brand safety strategy.


This combined effort significantly enhanced ASDA's ability to maintain a safe advertising environment while maximizing revenue. ASDA gained a fully functional advertising infrastructure integrated with Criteo's decision engine. Integrating MOAT with GAM automated the brand safety verification process, allowing for more efficient and real-time monitoring of ad content. Moreover, implementing customized blocking rules for advertisers and brands ensured that their ads would not appear on ASDA's website in ways that could compromise brand safety. Furthermore, our experts prepared a list of recommendations on maximizing revenue diversification through Prebid Stack (a header bidding management solution), allowing ASDA to tap into additional revenue streams.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

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