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“Gentlemen don’t talk about money,” as the saying goes. Gentlemen and gentlewomen know exactly how to handle it. No need to discuss it or get advice from someone else. This an accurate description of Yieldbird, something we pride ourselves on. But behind this simple statement there is a very complicated reality. Sending money to all our customers on time without failure is a pretty complicated logistic operation. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, Yieldbird operates in more than 30 countries! There’s a lot you have to know if you want to be so consistently successful. So here are some insights and situations we face when we work with publishers.

Each month, we issue hundreds of invoices, where 78% are from foreign publishers. Many companies in ad optimization split the bank charges and transfer costs between themselves and their client. It seems simple for both parties, right? Not exactly. This results in less revenue on publisher bank accounts, and problems can arise when something goes wrong (e.g. the publisher gives outdated transfer inputs). To avoid these problems altogether, our publishers are guaranteed that their pockets will see the full amount of revenue that their eyes see in the Publisher Panel. We assume all costs for financial operations, no matter how high. Great publishers deserve great service!

How do we pay out revenues?

Generally, ca. 95% of our transactions with publishers are carried out via bank transfer. The biggest advantage of bank transfers is security, which is always important when dealing with finances. Why is it so secure? Because the transfer details can be easily monitored at every single stage, so we can intervene the moment something goes wrong. When a problem arises, we can contact the bank and  submit a complaint. Fortunately, it happens very rarely – in 99% there are no obstacles in money transfer. And additionally, this is the best option for the settlement – all information can be found on the billing statement.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have foreign currency accounts. This makes transfers easier and, because of automatic transfers, we can guarantee that payments will arrive on time. We are proud our publishers receive money within 30 days, which is very unique in the industry. However, we take into consideration that in various countries, the amount of time it takes to make a transfer is often different. For example, In Poland it’s a matter of day or hours. But in Germany, the bank needs 3 days to register the payment. According to the varying length of bank operations in specific countries, we send the money earlier or later. This guarantees that publishers receive their money within 30 days.

Sounds good. But what if the publisher doesn’t use bank transfers?

Our openness to new technology and methods of payment makes this easy for us. We are always testing the latest and greatest options available. Besides bank transfers, we also use PayPal. The main advantage of PayPal is just how quick it is. Receiving payments becomes a matter of minutes instead of hours! This online payment system is used by publishers from Cyprus, Belarus, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and more. Also, countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand can get paid quickly with PayPal’s services. And in line with our policy, the 3% cost per transfer that’s made to PayPal is covered by Yieldbird.

PayPal is very convenient, but it does have limitations. First, it can only be used by an authorized person. If multiple people manage your finances, it can get a bit complicated. Secondly, there are limitations in the amount of money sent per transfer. For example, the maximum amount that can be transferred in Russian currency is 500,000 RUB but there are similar limits for other countries. And it can be an unstable way to pay someone if something goes wrong on. For example, in June 2016 PayPal functionality in Turkey was temporarily blocked. If something like this happens, another method needs to be used. Despite all this, PayPal is still one of the most popular payment delivery systems.

The banking and financial landscape is diverse, especially across countries. That’s why we use adjusted tools to meet every client’s needs. After all, Yieldbird works with publishers and media groups from Mexico to Singapore, from Sweden to Brazil. And some of those countries have different needs than the rest.  One of the our latest finds is the cross-border payment platform Payoneer. It lets you withdraw payments with the publisher’s local bank or via a prepaid card. When something offers you and easier solution, why not try it out?

Problems or challenges: which one do you have?

Transfer fees can be a real problem in some countries. For example, bank charges run up to nearly 30 USD in Malta and countries in North and South America. In Belarus, the cost is around  22 USD. To limit the hassles caused by bank charges and to keep transfers free for publishers, we instated transfer thresholds. When a publisher sends us an invoice below the threshold, we hold off on sending the payment until the threshold is reached. Depending on the currency, there are different total gross amounts – 200 EUR, 300 USD, 200.000 RUB, and 1.000 PLN. It sounds restrictive, but we’ve found this is the best way to satisfy both sides. We cover all the costs, and publishers get their entire revenue.

Various countries have different formal requirements related to money transfers. In Belarus, the list of required documents and declarations is pretty expensive – e.g. you need special permits or a license for bank activities issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. And then in Russia, in addition to the SWIFT and account number, there are additional elements needed, like: INN/KPP code, 9-digit BIK code or ID code, a 20-digit account of a corresponding bank, and 5-digit VO code.

Due to the embargo in Russia, there is a restriction on the amount that can be transferred. When the transfer is higher than 30.000 PLN (7.136 USD), extra documents are required. Documents such as a  credit card statement and scans of your ID, for example. But for Yieldbird, extra stiff like that is our daily routine. When demands get complicated, you just have to roll with it. With our trained international team, we can cope with the needs and demands of every country.

Clean as a whistle

Yieldbird is part of a media group that has been listed on the stock exchange for the last 17 years. That means that we operate with the highest transparency. Furthermore, we have the support of experts in the fields of taxes and/or analytics to help us when we need it. They’re great help when we need to adjust the payment method to the current situation in a client’s country. For publishers, that means: guaranteed payment, stability, and timekeeping. They’re also the reason why we ask publishers to load their invoices on the 10th day of each month – so we deliver their money on time.

When choosing your partner in monetization, besides extended reporting, revenue guarantees, or a trial, be sure to take a look at their financial matters as well. There are so many indicators that tell you if your cooperation with a yield optimizing company is going seamlessly and in the right direction. As you can see, you can trust us fully. But these are just words – just contact us see it in action.

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