How To Fight Ad Fraud

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Fight ad fraud with these simple tips for publishers and advertisers!

Clean the ad game up while you keep your ad revenue safe and sound from ad fraud.

As ad fraud remains a growing and complex problem for the programmatic industry, more publishers struggle with funding their business operations through advertising due to the incurred ad losses.

What is happening now?

  1. Large players are soon to be eventually the only publishers left on the market.

  2. Access to information is being systematically curtailed with a limited number of content sources left standing.

  3. By limiting their publishers to a very short list of premium publishers, advertisers lead to cutting off the supply of inventory, resulting in limited availability and diversity of content.

  4. Bots interfere with viewability, time in-view, and engagement rates — when anti-fraud systems scan traffic the web operations will appear ‘normal’.

How to keep away from ad fraud:

  1. Make sure your ad tech provider has a formal ad-quality programme.

  2. Have all the traffic inspected to detect any potential bots.

  3. Go for Ads.txt even if it is not yet getting the wide adoption it needs. There is still a high price to pay for the exclusive traffic offered by Ads.txt. It may be true that advertisers mainly investing in Ads.txt traffic will find scarcity of inventory, not to mention how expensive it can turn at times.

  4. Get prepared for constant analysis and learning from previous experiences. Make keeping good clean traffic a habit. Once you identify the source, instead of blocking it only, try to shut down the source. A tool operating anything close to real time is worth including in the daily anti-fraud routine.

Check the below tips for #Advertisers and #Publishers on how to stay away from ad fraud effectively:


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