Which SSP Should You Choose?

Which SSP choose - a quick questionnaire by Yieldbird

If you have high expectations for the SSP (Supply-Side Platform) you plan to use, it’s worth trying it out first.

We know how important these platforms are for enhancing the selling of publisher inventory, their profits, and increasing their revenue. That’s why we’ve prepared a short questionnaire to dispel any SSP concerns.

Start with the GEO question. Ask yourself if there’s demand for the platform in your geo. Then move on to the SUPPORT question and check what support you’ll need from them. Now, the DEALS question is a must — it’s essential for you to know which platform your advertisers prefer. Don’t skip the COST question either, which is about how clear the pricing is for you.

Go step by step to verify whether you are taking the right path to become a successful & expert SSP user.

Need higher resolution? Click here.

Go step by step through the path to your deal-winning SSP. You might want to answer those simple questions first before you take the decision. 

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