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Events Q2 by Yieldbird 2017

Spring is coming.  Have you already decided which events you’ll participate in this quarter? If not, we’ve prepared a list for you of what we think are the best conferences to attend. These events just cannot be missed!

Programmatic I/O, 4-5 April, San Francisco, USA

Only a few hours left before one of the most important programmatic summits begins: Programmatic I/O. Programmatic I/O is a global meeting dedicated to programmatic media and marketing. Each year the event gathers more than 1000 programmatic leaders from top brands, agencies, publishers, media companies, and technology providers, creating one of the best opportunities to network. This year’s edition offers two options for day 1 of the conference. Programmatic Essential Workshops brings together leaders to discuss and examine the programmatic strategy. Get prepared for the data-driven digital future by looking at the most important programmatic tools in advertising and marketing. This presentation is for anyone who wants to improve their company’s programmatic operations, especially when it comes to the more technical aspects.

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Digital Media Europe 2017 – April 24-26, Copenhagen, Holland

Do you want to understand your audience and take advantage of high-value ad formats? Or do you want to know what a good online video look like, no matter whether it’s short or long? This conference has the answers. Digital media Europe 2017 by WAN-IFRA is a 3 day-long event focused on digital publishing and development through digital channels, mainly mobile. The event will concentrate on 3 main topics:

      Membership and Subscription Reloaded – Readers seen as members of an exclusive club.

      Reclaiming the Premium Ad Market – The shift from data driven to bespoke and branded.

      Revenue Frontiers – Producing content for social media or setting up a trading desk for a small business campaign?

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Publishing 360 – April, Dublin, Ireland

This annual event is created by publishers, for publishers. It’s all about connecting within the industry and carrying on with the latest industry trends. Whether you work in advertising or management, editorial or creative – Publishing 360 is a great opportunity for everyone involved in publishing, no matter the position. You will hear several keynotes from industry innovators along with case studies with print and digital strategies. The event will focus on the changes in the world of publishing, helping you stay ahead of the competition on publishing market. The main topics of Publishing 360 will be:

– The changing relationship with the audience and finding the best way or combination of ways to deliver content,

– Revenue growth through product development,

– The balance between consumer and B2B strategies

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Future Media Lab. Annual conference 2017 – May 2-3, Brussels, Belgium

If you want to meet the highest level of professionalism, consider participating in Future Media Lab, a conference organised in cooperation with the European Commissions. The slogan of this event is “Driving innovation for Media: Ensuring media pluralism and promoting trusted journalism in democracy”. You’ll encounter a variety of stakeholders, media professionals, media start-ups, innovators, and policymakers, all meeting to discuss how media innovation and technological developments can promote media diversity and trusted journalism in Europe. The conference will also cover creating content in the fake news era and alternative facts, as well as the power of algorithms. On top of all that, participants get to explore innovations that promote media diversity and trusted journalism. At Future Media Lab, find out what we need to change today to allow for media pluralism and quality journalism to strive.

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Readers Revenue – Expert Workshop  May 16-18, Frankfurt, Germany

“To optimize total revenues, you need to have a more dynamic paywall,” says Kalle Jungvist, a header of this workshop. Paywalls are one of the hottest topics in digital publishing, especially with the heavy need for better inventory and content monetization. This 3-day workshop offers participants an exploration of topics including the strategy of membership and pricing, paying members and their ad experience, bespoke offers, acquisitions, retaining subscribers, loyalty plans, and paying through mobile. Sounds inspiring? The number of places is limited, so hurry up!

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Programmatic Pioneers Summit – May 17-18, London, United Kingdom

Why should you listen to ad-blockers? How should you measure the success of a video campaign? If you’re searching for answers, this is the event for you. Programmatic Pioneers Summit is one of the most comprehensive programmatic marketing events in Europe. The event covers everything it takes to build a winning Programmatic strategy, including creative messaging, mobile display, creating an efficient brand/agency relationship, and more. The event is divided into 4 independent streams focused on:

– Mastering attribution, the customer journey, and advanced metrics for programmatic success.

– Winning the data war and reviewing in-house strategies.

– The Publisher Summit.

– Strategy Boardroom & Synergy Workshops.

Various workshops and boardrooms will be focused on transparency, engagement, new programmatic technology, and the evolving media landscape.

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New York INMA World Congress – May 21-23, New York, USA

Are you hungry for knowledge? Do you crave new ideas, inspiration, and latest best practices from industry leaders? Then consider participating in The World Congress from the International News Media Association (INMA). This conference is essential for strategists, audience builders, and revenue executives from the biggest and brightest news media companies. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with the right people in the right media companies. The agenda is planned by the international INMA community and contains practical case studies by international peers, including such topics as revenue growth and the best in creating an engaged audience.

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World News Media Congress 2017 – June 7, Durban, South Africa

This is an important global event for everyone in the publishing industry. World News Media Congress offers insightful sessions and workshops that explore the most important issues in the news media industry and what is needed to work towards a viable and continuous future. You can expect to see tons of CEO’s, chief editors, and ad executives from various countries, making it an excellent place for networking. The last edition was a huge success with over 700 executives, journalists, and providers from 50 countries all coming together to express their ideas, insights, and inspiration.

This edition will focus on 5 main topics:

– CEO’s Roadmap to Renewal

– The Next Big Projects

– New Revenue Pillars

– Trust and Quality: Now!

– Future Tools, Future Concepts

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