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Your ad sizes should always complement your pages and match regional ad formats, but it’s not always clear which size that is. 

That’s why we’ve put together a short video of the most popular ad sizes in selected EU countries, Russia, and China.

We’ve dug through Scandinavian ad formats and dusted off the most iconic ones. That includes netboard, which performs best if embedded in text content, triple widescreen, which works well when placed along a webpage sidebar, and panorama, which is most effective if placed above main content.

Move south on the map to Poland, where you’ll find that the two most engaging formats, triple billboard and double billboard, can work miracles. They work best when put above or just below any website menu. And then there’s billboard – this is most effective in brand and direct-response advertising campaigns. REGIONAL AD SIZES THAT COMPLEMENT YOUR PAGES by Yieldbird

Slide over to Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, which are all dominated by the same size: the so-called vertical rectangle. It’s also popular in Kazakhstan, with squares being their second most popular format. A good thing about the square size is that it fits into smaller spaces without accommodating the larger rectangles. The neighbouring China, however, is no square. The advertising ecosystem feels more at ease with the 950×90 format, the top size for China.

Watch the short video below to see the exact sizes for formats in these countries. Enjoy!

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