A Six-Step Video Guide: How Publishers Can Benefit From Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

Peter Stanek Yieldbird How Publishers Can Benefit From Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

According to recent studies by Zenith, PMPs are the fastest growing buying method among publishers to choose from. Peter Stanek, Yieldbird’s Business Development Manager, speaks about how you can increase your revenue in six simple steps. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts on how to maximize your marketplace experience.

What is PMP?

Private Marketplace (PMP) is an invitation-only RTB auction where publisher sends an invitation to a given number of buyers to bid on its inventories. As a result the buyer has a clear understanding and knowledge where its ad will be displayed. PMPs usually provide their users with transparent service that allows to skip the exchanges altogether.

More and more publishers are selling their ad inventories in the Private Marketplace through preferred deals or private auctions. Why?        

  • Publishers can benefit from more predictable revenue, as big media agencies in advance declare how much they will spend on your inventory.

  • We are talking about long-term revenue here. So you can afford to display


    ads and thus enhance your user experience.

  •  It also means a higher quality ad – since the advertisers are taking care of the inventory the user experience improves too.

  • There is considerably less work, and the cost associated with serving such campaigns compared to direct is smaller too.

  • Advertisers prefer this model over other models. So make sure your advertisers have the PMP model in your offer.

To learn more on where to start selling your private marketplace inventory, how to verify whether you have enough inventory, what to remember when setting parameters, and how to maintain relationships with advertisers, we recommend our six-step video guide by Peter Stanek on how to maximize your revenue with PMPs:  

What next?

If you would like to read more on how to maintain relationships with advertisers, how to reach out to them and let them understand what’s important for advertisers, try our short article by Marcin Ekiert (Yieldbird’s CEO) on The Relationships, Stupid! Why Do They Matter More Than Ever Before?

Interested in running successful PMP campaigns for your advertisers?

Fill in the form below and watch our short animation on the 10 commandments for rookie PMP publishers. And don’t leave just yet if you use Private Marketplace deals on a daily basis. You too should keep these rules close to your heart. And your business.


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