The Most Wanted Specialists On The Ad Market?

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The Most Wanted Specialists On The Ad Market

What it takes to become one of the most wanted specialists in the ad market?

How well familiar are you with the daily tasks of a Data Scientist, Revenue Optimization Engineer or a Deal Maker. Does that ring a bell?

The current trends prove that the labor market is yet to saturate with these professionals.

Knowing how exceptional are their skills and ‘know-how’, these specialist tend to value their financial expectations high, too. As for some companies, this might mean a substantial economic burden, for others, it’s worth the effort.

Why? Let us shed some light and clear this up for you.

What the heck is a Revenue Optimization Engineer

Revenue Optimization Engineers are very familiar with the programmatic advertising environment. A highly developed analytical ability is a must for an ROE. If you ask them what their main tool is for everyday work, their answer is definitely going to be the spreadsheet (apart from various SSP platforms, that is).

What do you need to become a Revenue Optimization Engineer?

You typically need to be a business analyst with several years of experience if you want to become a ROE expert.

Meet Piotr, the Revenue Optimization Engineer.


Piotr’s main task as a Revenue Optimization Engineer is to increase the profitability of programmatic advertising campaigns emitted by digital publishers. Piotr analyzes the current state of supply and demand within the advertising arena and adjusts price parameters to ensure publishers get optimal revenue.

Want to know what the heck a Data Scientist is, or what did Data Scientists study? Or would you rather like to know what it takes to become a Deal Maker?

Try our guide to What it takes to become one of the most wanted specialists in the ad market. Download it below.

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