The Story Behind the 21st Fastest Growing Tech Company by #CEFAST50 Deloitte

Behind the scenes_- Yieldbird & Deloitte Fast50

Yieldbird’s expert shared a few details and stips standing behind our growth.

As many as 300 companies have registered for the 18th edition of the Deloitte’s Technology CE Fast50 ranking for the most dynamically developing technology companies in Central Europe. Yieldbird started as an ad network with less than several people on board, so reaching the 21st position in the fastest growing tech specs involved hard work and sacrifices.

This is how it all happened

Years back, Yieldbird was known as Adtaily: an ad network that provided CPC widget services to 20K publishers in Poland. The small ad box you see below was a good project to start with.

The idea was simple, yet efficient. The AdTaily network created a simple and quick way to buy online advertising by providing an easy-to-use widget for publishers and advertisers.

Adtaily widget by Yieldbird

At this point, the company’s budget was skyrocketing. But unfortunately, it wasn’t scalable and wouldn’t bring the expected revenue for the company to grow. We only managed to reach small publishers in Poland.

By 2013-2014, we saw Programmatic coming. And frankly, we were worried about the future. We made a bold decision and started a new brand: Yieldbird. Looking back, we had a team of developers, sales, management, and all hands on deck to push this change into a business opportunity.

Yieldbird was also part of one of the largest media groups in CEE – Agora SA, a company with over 3000 employees listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Agora fully supported our decision and shared our vision. So we slowly started to develop Yieldbird as a brand, one that we wanted to be scalable, global, and fully programmatic.

Today, we’re challenged by the ever-changing adtech ecosystem. But now the bar is set high, as we provide support and services for more than 250 publishers in 30+ countries. There are over 70 analysts, data scientists, developers, ad-ops, yield-ops, sales, and account managers working at Yieldbird.

Tips to share

I was recently asked, “how did Yieldbird get the 21st place in the Deloitte’s ranking?” I believe there are five main reasons behind our success:

  • Stay open to the entrepreneurial culture. Take financial risks. No matter the business size or the moment in time, always aim high.

  • Set goals and monitor your progress internally. Try V2MOM – It’s a simple internal team evaluation tool that promotes basic elements such as the company vision and the organization’s values. To be precise, every person at Yieldbird is being evaluated for working in line with the company’s vision, values, methods, and obstacles. This allows them to bring about the best results and work on anything which still needs to be improved.

  • Whenever you profit, invest. Concentrate on generating profits to introduce innovative technology and grow.

  • Find the right partner. Agora Media Group gave the company an extra push to think more perspectively about the business and make more daring investments.

  • Invest in people. Understanding that people are every successful company’s strength is key. Let your teams grow, let them expand their knowledge and experience. Don’t forget to have fun, too! We like to have a monthly work outing as well as beer & pizza Fridays. Don’t forget to invest in young people with an amazing spirit who give their best every time.

How does Yieldbird keep up now?

With the ever-expanding market, we started to invest in data science and machine learning. In programmatic, the hardest thing is making micro decisions for each adview, so why not let machines do the job? Machines can outperform people at a rising scale. So in the upcoming years, we expect more robots to arrive at Yieldbird.

Today, cooperating with 30 markets with several insiders on board (local sales and ambassadors) with a wide coverage in CEE and WE region, we also aim for new challenges and higher eCPMs. Which naturally translates into increased revenues for the client.

At the end of the day, being grateful for our growth path, we will continue growing our cooperations with all current and future publishing partners, advertisers, and vendors.

This article was originally published at LinkedIn Pulse by Fredrik Strauss. If you’re selling or developing any service you believe we could use, feel free to contact our expert via LinkedIn.

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