Yieldbird Proudly Nominated In The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017

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On April 26th, 2017, Yieldbird’s Ad Ops Team was nominated for the Best Ad Ops Team in The Drum Digital Trading Awards. We’re excited to be among the other great nominees who have been recognized by the DDTA. That’s why we want to take a look at a few factors behind our nomination in the Best Ad Ops Team Category.

The Drum Digital Trading Awards 2017 evaluates and highlights the outstanding exemplars of digital trading in practice. The aim of DDTA 2017 is to identify and reward the professionals who demonstrate how their hard work does wonders for their field of expertise, both for their clients and themselves. The DDTA continuously shows commitment for automated trading to pursue one important idea – programmatic to be known and present everywhere.

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The cooperation that paved its way to nomination

The case that Yieldbird was nominated for in the Best Ad Ops Team Category goes back to 2016 when we started cooperating with MailOnline. Yieldbird, a team of experts in revenue ad management, had been chosen to optimize MailOnline’s advertising inventory across 17 markets in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as 13 markets in Latin America. The task might have seemed challenging at first, as MailOnline, the digital branch of “Daily Mail” (dailymail.co.uk), is the world’s largest English-language newspaper website. But we met that challenge head-on. Currently, they reach more than 248 million unique visitors across the globe every month, 13.5 million of whom are based in CEE and LATAM. At Yieldbird, however, the key to winning a publisher’s trust, no matter their size, always comes down to close and effective cooperation.

So how did the cooperation become a success?

The initial outstanding results and excellent communication with MailOnline’s internal Ad Ops team led to Daily Mail Online deciding to scale up. In Jan 2016, Yieldbird started to monetize MailOnline’s traffic from Poland, and then it was extended to all traffic in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Russia. Soon the cooperation was extended to 13 LATAM markets, followed up the excellent results. Currently, Yieldbird provides MO with its optimization services in CEE and LATAM. More information about setting up the cooperation with MailOnline can be found here.

How did Yieldbird come to this point and win the nomination?

For several years now, Yieldbird experts cooperate with hundreds of ad ops teams worldwide, and they confirm that regardless of the country, cultural conditions, or team size, three rules are commonplace for effective groups of employees. Apart from well-grounded experience, and know-how, it is our employees approach that matters just as much at Yieldbird.

We achieve this by carefully recruiting our ad ops specialists and paying diligent attention to managing our teams. There are three major factors that need considering when recruiting an ad ops specialist, and we like to stick to these rules when we’re hiring:

  • We look for enthusiasts who are engaged from day one.
  • As Yieldbird is a Google Certified Publishing Partner, we highly appreciate any know-how, skills, and well-grounded experience someone brings.
  • We know how a good match can boost the team’s spirit, so we like to go the extra mile and pay additional attention to how well our future team member will fit in.
    Here are some more tips on how to find an ad ops specialist.

Staffing: check! Now it’s time for the real challenge – team management

Poorly managed teams are 55% less effective, on average. That’s why a good management structure should be applied effectively based on well-founded rules. Here at Yieldbird, we know that our people work together towards success. After all, at the end of the day if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. That is to say, we draw particular care and attention to what we can offer to our team members:

  • We make sure our team members receive enough freedom of work after they are given proper guidelines and motivation.
    Strictly speaking, we organize internal workshops run by internal staff or external experts to keep everyone’s knowledge up-to-date. We like to engage our employees in training courses related to new solutions and innovations on the market, effectively lighting up our team’s interests about what’s in now, and what’s not.
  • We spare some words of encouragement and always praise our employees’ achievements.
    Suffice to say, praising your staff can work miracles. But it’s also important to change the challenges often to make sure that team members can achieve more and earn further appreciation.
    Every day Yieldbird puts priority on taking care of its employees, as the value of their work is the value of the company. Here are some more notes on how our ad ops team is being managed here at Yieldbird.

Maybe you have already come across these tips and hacks in numerous guidebooks, and never cared to check their actual efficiency. Why not give it a try now? It’s working fantastically well at Yieldbird!

Below you will find a small teaser – our entry video – where the Yieldbird Team shares some key facts with #DTAWARDS.


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