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What Yieldbird Does for Publishers

Strategic Programmatic Partnership

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Build a long-term vision and prepare an action plan for your organization. Grow quickly and sustainably at the same time.

Yield management

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Earn more! Benefit from using multiple SSPs, facilitating private deals with trading desks, and managing your ad inventory in Open Market (real-time bidding).

Foreign Traffic Monetization

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Stay focused on your core market and benefit from ad optimization in peripheral markets. We have a strong position in Central and Eastern Europe, Russian-speaking countries, and Latin America.

Custom development

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Create a competitive advantage through technology. Get custom IT solutions that make your online publishing business run faster and smarter.

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What Yieldbird Does for Advertisers

Yieldbird supports brands in reaching hundreds of premium publishers worldwide. Here, in one place, you can access premium advertising inventory across Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America! Advertisers can rest assured their communication is highly visible and effective as we work closely with digital media.

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