Yieldbird is responsible for the execution of advertising campaigns on Nyheter24 Group’s websites

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Yieldbird works with Nyheter24 Group, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing digital publishers. 


They’re the owners of services such as Nyheter24, Modette, and the Blogg.se online platform. The outsourced team of dedicated ad ops specialists is responsible for executing digital advertising campaigns for Nyheter24’s websites.

Yieldbird runs advertising operations for the Swedish publisher Nyheter24, one of Sweden’s fastest-growing digital media companies, with nearly 10 million visits a week to its various websites. Yieldbird’s ad ops specialists provide daily support for Nyheter24’s advertising activities, i.e. adserver management, constant campaign verification, as well as ad inventory management and troubleshooting.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Yieldbird’s experts, we’ve been able to maintain a high level of efficiency with our ad ops. Additionally, we have access to the latest knowledge in the field of optimization,” Ludwig Ekström, who coordinates delivery for Nyheter24.

The first step of the cooperation was a visit paid to Nyheter24’s headquarters from one of Yieldbird’sdedicated ad ops specialist teams. During these few days, both teams worked together to learn every procedure and business routine.

“It is very important for us to understand what the business priorities of each publisher are. We build our dedicated teams so that they can maximize our client’s chances for reaching individual goals. We operate on an outsourcing model, but thanks to dedicated employees and excellent communication we are an integral part of our client’s teams,” explained Bartłomiej Chmiel, Managing Director of Yieldbird.

All orders covered by Yieldbird’s ad ops specialists are sent via a task management platform. Accessing the platform, a publisher can easily plan, track, and evaluate all operations, as well as modify them, depending on current needs.

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