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After being bombarded every single morning with news from all over the world, our archaic brains find it hard to keep up with processing everything. With all the ads, emails, articles, tweets, feeds, and any other updates, it’s a real challenge to get caught up on all the relevant information these days. Knowing that all too well, we’ve launched a Monday-to-Friday newsletter! Get all the vital news about the programmatic and digital industry right, delivered daily to your e-mail box.

Here’s a sample of the good stuff you’ll get when you subscribe:

What will you get with Yieldbird’s Choice Newsletter?

  • The latest original articles and cutting edge stories about the digital & programmatic industry from around the web.

  • Comic strips from our partners, exposing the most eye-catching revelations straight from the ad & digital business.

  • All first-page news delivered to you exclusively, right before it’s the talk of the office.

  • Freshly picked and selected news at your fingertips, covering what we’ve been working on or celebrating at top programmatic conferences and summits.

The latest news and more delivered with actionable insights directly to your email box daily.

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For those who have already subscribed to our list, we prepared a free copy of our brief report on the eCPM levels in Europe, LATAM, and North America. By using our burger metrics, we’ll show you the state of the digital advertising industry in each of those places. It’s 100% adtech, programmatic, and free.

Feel free to take your copy by clicking on the Burger Index Report below.

Burger Index Report ECPM Yieldbird

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