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Yieldbird Industry Partnership Program

Enroll in our Industry Partnership Program today and be a part of a thriving community that provides essential programmatic solutions for publishers worldwide, enabling them to excel in the competitive world of programmatic advertising.

Is the Industry Partnership Program suited for you?

We believe partnerships are the foundation of mutual success within the programmatic industry.

Our partnership program is specifically crafted to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships that foster growth and drive innovation. We extend partnership opportunities to Individual Market Insiders, Partner Companies – Resellers, and Ad Tech Solution Providers who align with our core values and deliver exceptional products that help publishers thrive.

Individual Market Insiders

Promote our products through your network and earn commissions

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Partner Companies - Resellers

Help us reach new publishers and let them try our products, expand your portfolio and increase revenue streams

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Ad tech partners

Offer our programmatic ads products with your Ad Tech solutions to deliver to your clients additional value

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Individual Market Insiders

Our Individual Market Insider program provides enthusiastic individuals with the resources and support they need to promote our products and earn commissions. This program is open to anyone who is passionate about our products and willing to share them with their network.

What you can expect from us:

  • The opportunity to build relationships with publishers
  • Access to expert training
  • Dedicated account management
  • Earn additional income

You are an ideal partner if you:

  • Are recognized and respected in the programmatic, publishing and media community, specifically with publishers
  • Speak the native language fluently with business-fluent English
  • Have a company profile that is covered by the media and Ad Tech industry, and a network of business contacts in the selected market
  • Have experience as an SSP, publisher, technology provider for publishers or you're an Ad Tech solution provider looking to expand your reach in the publishing industry

We invite you to apply to become a part of our programmatic industry insiders program.

Dawid Cholewa picture

Dawid Cholewa

Global Partnership Manager

Become an Individual Market Insider

Contact our representative and start your programmatic journey with Yieldbird.

Partner Companies – Resellers

Our Reseller program allows companies of all sizes from publishing industry to expand their portfolio and increase revenue streams. We'll provide you with training and support to help you succeed.

Our win-win partnership strategy is designed to create mutually beneficial relationships. This program is dedicated for companies from the publishing industry who trust and believe in our products and values. As a result companies like yours can help us reach new publishers and create opportunities for them to try our products for free. This creates a positive cycle of growth and success for everyone involved and builds your companies image and reputation.

Dawid Cholewa Global Partnership Manager

Dawid Cholewa

Global Partnership Manager

Become a Partner Company – Reseller

Contact our representative and start your programmatic journey with Yieldbird.

Ad Tech Partners

Our Ad Tech partnership program is designed to create a seamless integration of our high-quality programmatic advertising products and services for companies that provide Ad Tech solutions to clients. We provide documentation, technical support, and account management to ensure a successful integration.

In addition, we offer assistance to our Ad Tech partners to implement our products and solutions into their platforms. We believe in working closely with our partners to create value for our mutual customers. Furthermore, we are open to implementing our partner's technologies into our Yieldbird Platform.

As an Ad Tech solution provider, you'll have the opportunity to offer comprehensive programmatic solutions for publishers to your clients by integrating our products.

Krzysztof Lis Partnership & Consultancy Expert

Krzysztof Lis

Partnership & Consultancy Expert

Become an Ad Tech Partner

Contact our representative and start your programmatic journey with Yieldbird.

Why partner with Yieldbird?

Yieldbird is a trusted programmatic partner with over 14 years of experience in ad management and programmatic monetization for publishers. We work with over 200 publishers in more than 40 countries, providing an end-to-end solutions to programmatic monetization. Our clients value us for attention to their individual needs, guidance, and human approach to each project. Customers know that we are there for them, therefore, they can recommend us with full confidence.

We are member of major industry associations

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