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Development and implementation of thereal-time advertising sales management system for digital publishers.

Projekt NCBR zakończony wersja polska

NCBR project

Project name: Intelligent Development Operational Program/ Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises

Entry number: 5 / 1.1.1 / 2018

Project goals

The goal of the project is to create a solution consisting of two key modules:

  1. Tools for automated reporting of programmatic revenues allowing to significantly increase the work efficiency of theperson responsible for delivery and analysis of business information in an enterprise operatingin the programmatic advertising management industry.
  2. Price optimization tools based on proprietary algorithms.

Expected effects

The project idea comes from the need for effective management of advertising inventory by the digital publisherin the following aspects: Bid management and Trend monitoring sales, i.e. reporting.The following problems have been identified in the course of Yieldbird's past operations.Thanks to the implementation of the project results, Clients will receive the following operational benefits:

  1. Reduction of work expenditure needed for supportof programmatic advertising revenue in the matter of reporting.
  2. Increasing the speed of response to technical errorscausing revenue drops.
  3. Increase in the value of programmatic advertising revenue as a resultof improved price efficiency of the sold advertising inventory.

The project contains 3 stages of industrial research and2 stages of development work.

Project details

Project duration: October 2019 – September 2022

Place of delivery: Kraków

Project cost: 7 481 784.89 zł

Amount of funding: 3 633 464.2 zł

Workflow status

Project was completed bearing on the merits of the matter and financial aspect.