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Large & medium-sized publishers, both independent & corporate, all struggle to maximize their revenue meaningfully, combine programmatic with direct sales, choose the right technology, and manage the outsourcing of ad-ops teams in an effective way. Yieldbird helps publishers do all of that in an simple & intelligent way. With Yieldbird, you are always a step ahead in programmatic.

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Maximize my revenue

  • More out of your inventory.
    From 30% up, even to 839%
  • Guarantee of revenue
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Change the sales game

  • Helping in-house sales teams to grow
  • Bespoke consultancy, reports, IT tools
  • Hand-made + automated yield
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Yield your foreign traffic

  • Own demand team
  • Deep understanding of local markets in CEE
  • Outstanding relations with local and regional advertisers

What we do best

Stop leaving money on the table. Make the most out of every ad request.


Yieldbird team is simply doing their job in the best possible way!

Esra Şimşek, Founder & Director of Melon Reklam

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