How doubled their programmatic revenue after implementation of Yieldbird audit recommendations


Higher revenue


More PMP budgets


New demand sources


Because of its premium status, is very content quality conscious and places very high emphasis on the idea of positive-reader experience. The Publisher’s main priority is finding a balance between ad revenue growth and the impact of advertising on visitor experience and lifecycle, making yield optimization and revenue improvement a formidable challenge.


In order to improve the programmatic results we have recommended Publisher a set of small adjustments in advertising setup, variety of products and ad unit structure. After implementation we have tested the impact of each improvement and analyzed their influence on the user beahviour. As the last step we conducted granular competition analysis which allowed us to adjust prices to the market standards and aquire more advertsising budgets from price sensitive customers.

Client's opinion

Comprehensive support from Yieldbird at every stage of programmatic & monetization has provide us with enormous work comfort and seen significant performance improvement.

Joanna Balowska

Sales Director

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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