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Unfilled Recovery

Recover your lost revenue

Give your unfilled impressions a second chance at monetization with Yieldbird's top-tier demand partners.


Never miss out on monetization opportunity again

Say goodbye to collapsed ad units and empty slots. Now you can recover those impressions and serve an ad, increasing your revenue and preventing the loss of valuable ad space.

Zero risk of empty or collapsed slots

  • With Unfilled Recovery you'll avoid the risk of ad slot goes unfilled, and displaying an empty slot or collapsing the ad unit altogether

No missed monetization opportunities

  • Our tool can detect when an ad is not filled and trigger a recovery slot that monetizes the impression, ensuring that every opportunity to generate revenue is maximized

Keeping high-quality ads engaging audience

  • Our tool allows publishers to maintain UX by serving relevant ads in all available slots, even when the original ad fails to fill. This helps to build user trust and engagement, leading to increased revenue and improved ROI

How does Unfilled Recovery work?

If you've ever experienced the frustration of an unfilled ad slot, you'll know just how much money can be lost in the process. But with Unfilled Recovery you'll have the power to detect and recover those missed opportunities, giving you a second chance at monetizing your impressions.

Ads monitoring

Unfilled Recovery monitors the ad units on the page.

Monetizing impressions

Recovery slot is formed, which covers the unused ad space and creates a new ad auction that is monetized with Yieldbird's demand.

Detecting slots

In case of an unfilled impression, our solution can detect it.

How Unfilled Recovery will grow your programmatic business

Identify and recover lost chances, providing another opportunity to monetize your impressions.

Fully automatic management

No more blank impressions. Our tool detects the unfilled impression and helps you serve an ad and recover the revenue

Quick and easy implementation

Unfilled Recovery can be implemented in a matter of a week, with minimal effort on your side

Auto-promotion advertisments

There's an option to show house ads in the unfilled slots. It's up to you

Pay only for generated uplift

We take the revenue share only from the generated uplift, so we make money, only when you earn

Take advantage of unfilled ad slots and maximize their revenue potential

Unfilled Recovery is always ROI-positive, because our fee is a percentage of the uplift our tool generated for you!

Our clients opinions

We've been with working with Yieldbird for 6 years now. Thanks to them, these years were the most profitable ones for our publishers in their history. Always open for discussion, highly skilled professionals ready to listen, trying to help no matter what… that's how I see Yieldbird. Keep it up!

Frantisek Kosir Madwire

František Kosír

Senior Yield Management Specialist / Madwire

STEP Network have worked with Yieldbird as our prebid technology partner for more than 4 years, and finalized the migration to Prebid Stack for the +100 websites we manage. It allows us to operate at scale from a centralized Adops team, without almost no involvement of the publisher's developer resources. This is highly important to scale as a Network. By adding features such as “Lazy Auction” and support for SPA website technology, the product is for us future proof towards the development in Adtech and our expansion as a Publisher Network.

Kim Skovgaards Step

Kim Skovgaards

Head of Product & Ad Operations / STEP

Yieldbird has been our key partner in improving and optimizing our site's performance. I would recommend them to all publishers looking to increase their ad revenue.

Kamil Mońko Allani

Kamil Mońko

Sales Manager / Allani

Managing yield within the digital landscape can be a laborious time-consuming task, but with Yieldbird's help and expertise we have seen great improvements increasing revenue whilst freeing up a lot of valuable time too.

Nenci Obregon Coyle

Nenci Obregon Coyle

Senior Ad Ops & Programmatic Manager /

Our partnership with Yieldbird resulted in more demand and a significant revenue uplift. I would recommend them to all publishers with need for impovement in monetization of international traffic.

Reha Basogul Sozcu

Reha Başoğul

Analytical Operations & Strategic Planning Manager / Sozcu

Yieldbird has been our key partner in improving and optimizing our site's performance. I would recommend them to all publishers looking to increase their ad revenue.

Mateusz Ponikowski

Mateusz Ponikowski

Editor in Chief /

The team takes a holistic approach to our website, combining premium demand, innovative ad formats, and custom ad layout optimization. Yieldbird has proven itself to be a great partner, driving strong revenue and our overall yield.

Sebastian Felkner

Sebastian Felkner

CEO of Online Venture /

Our company is cooperating with Yieldbird on numerous programmatic related projects for over a year. They always offered high quality services and we can say that we are very satisfied with their work, and see Yieldbird as valuable and trustworthy partner.

Arnas Levickas Vinted

Arnas Levickas

Product Manager / Vinted

Considering we were looking to focus on content creation and UX improvement, the decision to outsource our Programmatic management was something natural. After almost 2 years of cooperation, we are very satisfied with the choice of Yieldbird as our Programmatic partner. Yieldbird has helped us to not only significantly build revenues, but also has proven crucial in its support with issues such as GDPR and First-Price auction.

Michał Frasiński

Michał Frasiński

Sales Director /

Comprehensive support from Yieldbird at every stage of programmatic & monetization has provide us with enormous work comfort and seen significant performance improvement.

Joanna Balowska

Joanna Balowska

Sales Director /

I can definitely recommend cooperation with Yieldbird to all Publishers who care about high revenues, but who do not necessarily want to invest time and resources to create or expand an in-house team. For us, the possibility of delegating this work to a partner has been a great help – we have full control, but we don't need to do everything ourselves. Besides, thanks to Yieldbird, we now know what the market is like and we are not closing ourselves in our own bubble.

Axel Lagercrantz Pet Media Group

Axel Lagercrantz

CEO / Pet Media Group

Since 2019, STEP has been cooperating with Yieldbird on many programmatic related projects. Yieldbird supports us in our tasks by providing us with a full-stack programmatic team. Yieldbird always offers high-quality services and they are a partner you can trust and depend on.

Ulrik Kristensen Step Network

Ulrik Kristensen

Head of Publishers / STEP Network

As a large media group, we strive to ensure that results from the monetization of websites are the result of a well-thought-out strategy, and not some random series of activities. Working with Yieldbird, we appreciate that as our partner they keep their finger on the pulse and endeavour to ensure that the key parameters for Advertisers (e.g. Viewability) remain above the expected standards. At the same time, we are pleased that Yieldbird has implemented improvements that are in keeping with the specifics of our inventory, and has introduced changes that accord with the character of individual sites.

Robert Głodek Infor Biznes

Robert Głodek

Deputy Director of Online / Infor Biznes

By the time we had discovered Yieldbird's Price Genius solution, we had already tested a number of external solutions. Our goal was very clear – we expected an increase in Programmatic revenues because we felt that, based on the basic advertising setup, we were not achieving optimality with the website. Price Genius was distinguished by the fact that the automatically set price rates quickly “learned” the specifics of our inventory; and in the first weeks of operation we noted a financial uplift. But additionally, we now had what we had not found with other solutions on the market: we had a reporting system, and specifically aggregated and presented key metrics so that we could compare like with like.

Witold Czarnecki Teleman

Witold Czarnecki

Founder & Managing Director / Traffiqua

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Do I have to provide access to my Google Ad Manager? If yes, why?

Yes, we do need access to the Ad Manager. It is used for two purposes:

1. To do all the setup (e.g., create the necessary key values, line items, validate that there are no technical obstacles, etc. - the exact scope differs from product to product).

2. To gather data for performance reporting.

How often do I have to adapt the Yieldbird Tag?

Once you add the Yieldbird tag, you don't have to change it at all, regardless of changing the product's setup, adding new ad units, or testing new products. The Yieldbird tag implemented during the implementation process is sufficient and doesn't need to be changed.

I have more than 1 GAM account. How is it handled by Yieldbird Platform?

For each GAM account, you will have a separate Workspace. There is no way to have multiple GAM accounts on one workspace due to the specifics of how each product is configured in the Platform.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, regardless of which product you use, you can cancel anytime you want with immediate notice.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

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