How Pets4Homes Increased RPM by 36% YoY While Improving UX With Holistic Yield Management?


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In 2019, when the Pets4Homes website was acquired by the Pet Media Group, the new owner quickly ascertained that the website’s monetization potential required a comprehensive strategy. Both the technological facilities (ad stack development, adding new sources of demand) and the website’s UX (ensuring a balance between advertising revenues and user satisfaction) required urgent attention. However, the new owners knew that they had certain resources that had already been assigned to other tasks that were equally strategic. Expanding the in-house team would be associated with a significant extension of the time needed to turn potential into profit. A decision was made to outsource yield management.


A dedicated project team (Analyst, AdOps expert and Project Manager with the support of UX and Technical teams) got to work immediately and quickly generated a double-digit uplift. The implementation and optimization of the Header Bidding wrapper was combined with testing and selecting the most lucrative and high-quality SSP platforms. Yieldbird also strengthened the ad stack with additional advertising products.


The Yield Management service included ongoing support in the field of Header Bidding settings, UX recommendations, and consulting in the field of industry regulations. The Publisher also receives assistance in managing direct campaigns, so Pets4Homes could get support anytime.


Our client achieved savings of nearly 900 hours by leveraging our services. Furthermore, Yieldbird significantly bolstered the ad stack with additional advertising products, with some of them delivering individual gains of approximately +20% in incremental profit. As a result, the RPM witnessed a substantial YoY growth of 40%.

Client's opinion

I can definitely recommend cooperation with Yieldbird to all Publishers who care about high revenues, but who do not necessarily want to invest time and resources to create or expand an in-house team. For us, the possibility of delegating this work to a partner has been a great help – we have full control, but we don’t need to do everything ourselves. Besides, thanks to Yieldbird, we now know what the market is like and we are not closing ourselves in our own bubble.

Axel Lagercrantz

CEO @ Pet Media Group

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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