How Sozcu Increased Revenue From International Traffic by 20% Thanks to Additional Demand Sources


More revenue from international traffic


Demand sources


In terms of the scale of the programmatic market, Turkey is one of the biggest country in Europe with top sites that generating billions of ad requests monthly both from internal and external traffic. Unfortunately, demand for those impressions is not equally high, especially in terms of users from outside Turkey. To ensure the continued growth of their programmatic business Sözcü was looking for a partner who will create additional competition for every impression, and help to monetize a vast amount of their international traffic.


To deliver best possible results we leveraged our team of experts dedicated to international traffic monetization both from the technology and sales perspective. Yieldbird provided Sözcü with access to multiple programmatic demand partners and increased bid competition on its international inventory.


Sözcü experienced rapid and tangible results. With our assistance, we observed a substantial double-digit enhancement in fill rate, surpassing revenue levels that were previously unattainable.


We've successfully integrated an additional eight demand sources, leading to a significant increase in traffic not just from Turkey but from across the globe. What's more, the quality of this newfound traffic was exceptional, resulting in a remarkable 20% surge in international traffic revenue.

Client's opinion

Our partnership with Yieldbird resulted in more demand and a significant revenue uplift. I would recommend them to all publishers with need for impovement in monetization of international traffic.

Reha Başoğul

Analytical Operations & Strategic Planning Manager

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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