How Improved Its Revenue By 130% YoY Thanks to Ad Structure Adjustments


Higher revenue year over year


Better fillrate on the top ad units


The previous monetization partner left behind a very inconsistent monetization strategy in which ad units on the site were duplicated. The whole ad structure required optimization. The publisher was looking to implement a more beneficial solution to earn more from each ad impression.


We worked on the performance improvement of several ad units that we added to the setup. Based on our recommendation, publisher cleaned up the source code.


We succeed to improve and optimize the site’s performance. The changes increased the page speed and decreased the loading time of ads.

Results achieved an exceptional 130% increase in revenue YoY, showcasing substantial growth. Furthermore, the top ad units experienced a 27% improvement in fill rate.

Client's opinion

Yieldbird has been our key partner in improving and optimizing our site’s performance. I would recommend them to all publishers looking to increase their ad revenue.

Mateusz Ponikowski

Editor in Chief

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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