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How Allani.pl doubled their RPM with two small improvements in the ad structure


Higher RPM


Ad unit screen time




Allani.pl is a marketplace, and the company’s main revenue source comes from brands promoting their items on to the site’s traffic. Considering this advertising must not be not intrusive, as it cannot have a negative impact on the user’s on-site behavior. This would otherwise result in big limitations regarding the addition of new ad units, or the listing of more distracting products.


To improve the existing ad units and achieve the best possible results, we have recommended two simple improvements in one of the desktop placements of Allani.pl. This resulted in an instant increase in time on screen, ad requests and CTR levels. It allowed the publisher to increase the page RPM level by more than 100% with little work, and had no extra placements or a negative impact on user experience

Client's opinion

Yieldbird has been our key partner in improving and optimizing our site’s performance. I would recommend them to all publishers looking to increase their ad revenue.

Kamil Mońko

Sales Manager

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

Increase the programmatic revenue without affecting User Experience

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