Why Is a 0% Uplift in Price Genius Not a Failure?

In the world of business, we often equate success with measurable uplifts. Yet, there are moments when a 0% uplift can be a beacon of success. When does this rare occurrence take place? It’s an unusual scenario in the realm of Price Genius, but it does happen to some publishers. 

What does it signify? Join us as we unravel this mystery in the following paragraphs.

Price Genius: The Perfect Extension to GAM

Let’s delve deeper into Price Genius’s inner workings. When publishers set their floor prices at various levels, these prices remain static until someone manually adjusts them in GAM. With Price Genius, this process is automated through machine learning algorithms, eliminating the need for human intervention. Furthermore, it updates floor prices daily, whether on a regular weekday, a weekend, or a holiday – all without delays.

How Exactly Does The Algorithm Work?

Typically, traffic is divided into two segments: 90% is optimized by Price Genius, while the remaining 10% serves as a benchmark for evaluating price strategy efficiency. The percentage of segments can be different, depending on the publisher’s choice. The algorithm aims to identify the optimal floor price that maximizes revenue. When Price Genius spots an opportunity, it adjusts the prices, leading to uplifts.

But What If The Uplift Is 0%?

A 0% uplift doesn’t signify Price Genius’s failure; quite the opposite, in fact. It indicates that your initial prices are already optimal; hence, Price Genius can’t make them any better. Congratulations!

What’s Next?

Even in this scenario, you can still benefit from Price Genius as a cost-free solution. It acts as a guardian for your pricing strategy, always ready to step in if necessary. Keep in mind that once prices are set, they may not remain ideal forever. And here’s something crucial to note: you don’t actually pay for Price Genius. It generates uplifts for you, translating into additional revenue, and we only take a tiny percentage of this extra profit.

Make the Most of Your Pricing Strategy: Try Price Genius

You may believe your pricing strategy is already perfect, but how can you be certain without checking? Price Genius offers the best way to find out. If everything is set up optimally, you’ll see a 0% uplift, providing double verification at no cost. However, if there’s room for improvement, you stand to benefit significantly. Give Price Genius a try today and make the most of your pricing strategy.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

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