Boosting Onet’s (Ringier Axel Springer) revenue with AI pricing strategy

Challenge, part of the Ringier Axel Springer media group, encountered difficulties in setting floor prices for its ad inventory. The need to manage the pricing for the publisher's large inventory called for extensive automation. Additionally, because a significant portion of their sales were direct, the pricing for the Open Market needed to be set in a way that maintained market-level prices without causing eCPMs to be too high or too low, which could negatively affect Direct rate cards. Onet also paid close attention to the impact of any third-party script on website latency, which made working with many pricing system providers not feasible.


Yieldbird's answer to Onet's challenge was to introduce Price Genius, an advanced tool powered by AI that aims to enhance inventory pricing strategies. Price Genius was an ideal choice due to its ability to handle scale efficiently, even with more than 10,000 ad units. It can analyze large amounts of data to find the best floor prices for Onet's wide ad inventory. This tool allows for real-time adjustments to the rapid changes in Open Market demand, ensuring that Onet's ad units are always sold at the best prices. Additionally, the Yieldbird Platform tag, which delivers Price Genius' code, met Onet's strict requirements for page loading speed, making it a comprehensive solution.


As a result, Onet achieved significantly better performance and full automation of managing floor prices in the Open Market, translating into increased revenue and business efficiency.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

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