Revenue Boost with Price Genius and Unfilled Recovery


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Challenge, a German agricultural machinery marketplace, aimed to increase earnings from digital ads, especially unsold ad units. They needed a strategy to recover unsold ad spaces and optimize ad pricing.


Yieldbird introduced Unfilled Recovery and Price Genius. Unfilled Recovery re-auctioned unsold ads, creating new revenue opportunities. Price Genius adjusted ad prices to ensure maximum value. These solutions worked together seamlessly, enhancing revenue without affecting the user experience or website functionality.


The approach yielded impressive results. Price Genius led to a 10.1% increase in ad revenue, demonstrating its efficacy in optimizing ad pricing. Meanwhile, Unfilled Recovery significantly improved and managed to sell 40% of the impressions that would normally remain unsold. Together, these solutions not only enhanced's overall ad revenue but also did so efficiently, highlighting the effectiveness and compatibility of Yieldbird's advanced advertising technologies.

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Regional Growth Director

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