How Vinted Maximized the Sale of Unfilled Impressions by up to 12%


Revenue increase


Vinted, one of the biggest online C2C marketplaces in Europe, has turned to Yieldbird with particular tasks. The company was interested in automating workflows to improve turnaround times in feature implementations and the monetization efficiency of their unfilled inventory on the Web.


To address these challenges, we implemented our Unfilled Recovery technology using the Yieldbird Platform. This streamlined the implementation process, minimizing Vinted’s involvement. With the code implemented, Yieldbird handled the optimization, ad space designation, and monitoring, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.


The impact of Unfilled Recovery on Vinted’s results was significant. Not only did it increase total earnings, but it also successfully sold unsold impressions, aligning with Vinted’s objectives. Combined with our previously implemented Price Genius (PG), a price optimization tool, Unfilled Recovery created a powerful combination that fully optimized Vinted’s advertising space.


Implementing Unfilled Recovery on Vinted resulted in a weekly revenue increase of 8-12%, depending on the market. Moreover, Vinted found a solution for their unsold impressions, further optimizing their advertising space. By leveraging the efficient implementation process through the Yieldbird Platform, Vinted saved valuable resources while achieving tight optimization of its advertising space.

Client's opinion

We’ve been working with Yieldbird since 2021, and we really value our close and productive collaboration with its team of experts. Yieldbird has played a proactive role in bringing transparency to our programmatic setup and delivering great results.

Satya Vinnakota

Director of Ads Business

Bartłomiej Oprządek

Karol Jurga

Chief Revenue Officer

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